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Kelly Preston as Miranda Reed
Tim Daly as Jeff Mills
M.C. Gainey as Brock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barriedrees 10 / 10

Spellbindingly Brilliant!!

This film is truly one of the best "Supernatural" thrillers I have seen ( and I've seen quite a lot!!), including "Poltergeist", the "Entity",the "Fog" and "Carrie" to name but a few. "Spellbinder" is exactly what the title suggests, (SPELLBINDING!) and definitely deserves to share the same podium as the aforementioned films.

It is a supernatural "murder, mystery, suspense thriller" that truly lives up to the name of it's title with a completely unexpected twist that will leave you in disbelief.

It's an extremely well scripted and well acted story with both the lead actors: Kelly Preston (extemely beautiful) and Timothy Daly(charismatic), doing an excellent job and holding your attention through every nerve jangling and suspense filled second through to a climactic ending that will have you on the edge of your seat.

One of the best films of it's genre'. Excellent. One to watch with the lights on!!.

Reviewed by infocyde 8 / 10

I liked it.

Some of the commentators have ragged on this movie for it being predictable, and some parts of it are, but some parts of the ending really surprised me. Again, I saw this movie originally when I was about 19, so maybe what would be obvious now weren't so obvious to me back then. Anway, given the context of the late 80ies when Spellbinder was made there was all this talk about Satanism, most of which later proved to be just urban legend type of stuff, probably made the movie for me a little more spooky in the 80ies then say if someone just randomly saw it now. Anyways, the movie I thought had a pretty cool plot that had some surprises, the acting was good, Kelly Preston was hot, and the movie freaked me out a little back in the day, so I'm giving the movie 8 out 10 stars. I haven't found it on DVD yet, if I did I would buy it and add it to my collection.

Reviewed by mrjody 10 / 10

A truly scary story.

Fatal Attraction was the scariest movie on my list until I saw Spellbinder, which is now one of my favorites to watch especial around Halloween. I liked it because I could put myself in his shoes, an average man becoming the hero. The girl being attractive is always a plus, and if you pay attention there is a lesson to learn.

Have fun.

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