Spirit Riders


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cscotten-21986 7 / 10

Meaningful story that is enjoyable to watch.

I recently came across the movie Spirit Riders while shopping for a family-style video. The jacket photos and write-up caught my eye and, after watching it, I can say that I was pleased with my choice. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. At the beginning of the movie, I wasn't sure that Allie Deberry as Kacie, the main character, would capture my sympathy, but she did. She even managed to evoke a few feel-good tears from me near the end of the movie. One character I was drawn to was Rex, played by Lance Henriksen—kind, tough, and patient all rolled into one. I did disagree with some of the direction in the film; the main instance that comes to mind occurs when Kacie races back into a burning barn to rescue a camper—everyone just watches from a distance (even Rex; they call for her to stop, but not a sole takes a step toward her); no one helps even after she exits dragging an unconscious male camper until she collapses. But while I noticed things like this, they did not spoil the movie for me—there were a myriad of well-done moments and a meaningful story throughout.

Reviewed by dmcmahon36 8 / 10

Great family movie with talented cast

I admit — it was my curiosity of seeing veteran actors Lance Henriksen ("Aliens) and C. Thomas Howell ("The Outsiders") on screen again that initially made me pick up a copy of "Spirit Riders." But what I actually found was a great little family movie that I enjoyed throughout.

"Spirit Riders" is an uplifting story of second chances that takes place at a horse therapy ranch. When troubled teen Kacie (very well played by actress Allie DeBerry from the Disney Channel series, "A.N.T. Farm") is ordered by the court to work at the Spirit Riders ranch, she tries to get her life back on track … while helping a stubborn, retired racehorse re-acclimate to life off track.

The story is simple enough to appeal to kids, yet offers a fresh take on the typical bad-teen-gone-good movie that will hold parents' attentions, too. The cast of young talent did a great job and really held their own against the pros!

A great family-friendly DVD. Definitely worth checking out.

Reviewed by casey75244 10 / 10

Allie DeBerry is a strong-willed, convincing actress!

This is a rare opportunity for an entire family to sit down together and watch a good movie based on solid, timeless, basic core values that seem to be missing with many young teenagers of this generation

The soundtrack is superb and frames each scene with a rich, velvety- smooth orchestration of melodies and themes that perfectly colors the story. Congratulations to Mr. Justin R Durban!

Allie DeBerry is a wonderful, talented actress who communicates the self-centered, volatile and troubled life of a teenager trying to process a tragic incident at an adult level while still clinging to the childlike threads of hope that she can fix everything wrong with her world.

Yes, the budget did not allow for all scenes to be edited perfectly, and some of the young supporting cast can appear rigid and unfamiliar with the overall process, however, the film is to be championed for it's vision and purpose rather than scorned by those who demand instant gratification that doesn't require insight and empathy for other people.

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