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Adrien Brody as Clive Nicoli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by e_barker 1 / 10

This film is horrible

So Many things went wrong with this movie. One, a high-tech lab where there are NO cameras in the "secure" areas. I mean seriously are we supposed to believe that there were no cameras in the room with the multi-million dollar piece of equipment (fake uterus) was. Also, about that they break a multi-million dollar piece of equipment (smash it) and no one even asks what happened to it. They end up moving Dren into the basement (where no one goes), because yea maintenance and janitorial employees ever go into areas where maintenance and janitorial things are stored. OK, but those are minor things. How about we look at how Adrian Brody/Sarah Polley characters changed so quickly without explanation. Adrian Brody starts out thinking they need to kill Dren, then he thinks no we need to take care of it, and then near the end he says "the experiment's over we no longer have an obligation to the specimen" none of those transitions are ever explained they just happen. Sarah Polley's character does the same thing only in reverse. She starts off wanting to take care of Dren, then after Dren kills the cat she goes all kinds of crazy and wants to kill Dren and then she goes back to wanting to take care of Dren and then at the very end she wants to kill it again. Now, I guess we can say that she turns on Dren because of the abuse her mother did to her, although we are never told that not even a damn flash-back scene. Also, why did Adrian Brody have sex with Dren, it was not needed and in the scene right before that we see that she has no vagina (so we will call it Comic Book Magic. Next, they are supposed to be brilliant scientist, but they fail to notice that every single time there is a change in Dren she "Dies" for a bit. In the fake uterus machine she dies and then comes out, she gets drowned and dies and then develops the aqua-lungs. So they really don't see that come on. Finally, there is NO moral, I mean I guess the moral is go ahead and screw around with nature and when it kills everything that you love and rapes you, don't worry go ahead and screw around with nature some by selling your rape creature. I mean the sex scene was totally un-needed but the rape scene was just sick, and then on top of that to find out that she is just money hungry woman at the end. When she said "What's the worst thing that can happen", I totally wanted the camera to pan outside and see the whole city on fire. This movie was horrible, it was horribly written and horribly put together. I am sadden that people actually found this movie to be good.

Reviewed by Dave (freaky_dave) 5 / 10

Started out good, ended up not so good

Splice was a movie that had a lot of promise. It seemed to be building towards something special, but got lost in an unnecessary plot thread that didn't quite work towards the end. THis specific plot started with a scene involving the creature and the character played by Adrian Brody, and it was a scene that didn't quite work because there wasn't enough of a build up towards something like that happening. Sure there were some scenes leading towards that, but in my opinion those scenes were not enough to take such a major step forward, not after he first showed disgust towards the creature at the earlier phases of its development. On top of that the movie goes even farther into absurdity at the conclusion, involving the character played by Sarah Polley and the creature again, taking much of the intelligence of the film out of the equation.

In my opinion, the director was onto something in the beginning but then took the story into an unnecessary direction that might've still worked if there had been some real build up to those points which led to the conclusion. Sure there were some signs, but really not enough. Instead the movie ends in what can only be called a total WTF moment, and it doesn't work at all. Not a horrible movie, but only average and not recommended.

Reviewed by Bok Choi 7 / 10

A solid new movie about a tired (and almost overdone) ethical topic

I was privileged enough to catch a screening of Splice last night that headlined the director Vincenzo Natali as a special guest. I've been a moderate fan of his work since his eerie and claustrophobic feature, Cube. Like Cube, I found that this movie was able to set an atmosphere that was almost palatable throughout the film. The main characters, Elsa and Clive (played by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody, respectively) were both likable and detestable, and yet all the time believable throughout the film. I credit Natali's writing with this emotional tug-of-war, because he was able to explain the motives of the characters without giving too much away and forcing the pacing to lag. (The man is whip smart, and it showed through his handling of the Q&A session after the movie). They do some despicable things, but Natali oft times tries to explain the character's background to justify certain actions. I appreciate the effort, but at the same time, I felt the film required some serious suspension of disbelief on the part of its viewers to really swallow some scenes and resulting relationships.

After seeing the movie, you'll probably realize you've seen this movie and premise before. Without giving too much away, this tale reminds me a lot of Jurassic Park. The overarching narrative parallels the sentiments of Dr. Malcom from Jurassic Park ("but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. "). The character's themselves were even named after pivotal actors in Bride of Frankenstein (Colin Clive and Elsa Lanchester), an homage to one of the great creatures of Science Fiction films, and a source of inspiration to the director himself. The hybrid starts off looking quite alien, but evolves into looking quite human-like (probably due to budget constraints, as well as done to help the viewer identify and empathize with the creature) with legs immediately reminding me of the aliens from The Arrival (1996). Throughout the film, you could see the evolution of all the characters that contributed to the final climax of the film. Elsa and Clive make a lot of mistakes and poor judgments throughout the film considering how 'brilliant' these scientists were supposed to be. They try to approach the creation of this hybrid being with an objective mind - purely for the sake of science. However, in turn, they make a lot of 'human' errors along the way where their emotions come into play. As Chaos Theory explains, small variations in initial conditions renders long-term predictions impossible. The movie keeps you guessing throughout. It evolves in an uncontrolled way, just like the hybrid the scientists created. Like every other creature feature flick before it (Frankenstein, Jurassic Park and even Species), everything culminates into a final climactic scene where the makers are forced to atone for their actions.

The creature effects were solid and the actress playing Dren is amazingly beautiful and exotic looking. Her mild androgyny was perfect for the role. Her sharp movements seemed quite alien to me and she took the creature further than what special effects could have done alone. Brody and Polley were both solid actors throughout the film. I particularly enjoyed Brody's wardrobe and styling. The pacing of the film started almost magical, like ET, then quickly picked up pace, paralleling the frenetic tension the scientists themselves must have been feeling.

It wasn't a perfect movie by any means and it certainly wasn't one of my favourites in recent years, but I enjoyed it. If I had to compare it to his earlier work, Cube, I would have to say that Cube made a much more lasting impression (I own it and recommend it to friends often). This movie is a fun way to spend an evening. You'll come out of the theatre with a positive experience, but it probably won't be a movie you'd rush out to see a second time.


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