Split Second


Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 9139


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Kim Cattrall as Michelle McLaine
Rutger Hauer as Harley Stone
Michael J. Pollard as The Rat Catcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by R 10 / 10

How can anyone NOT like this movie?

Rutger Hauer rocks!!! As he always does. Now I may be a bit biased as I am a huge fan of the mans work. Has been ever since Bladerunner. This movie has an extreemly thin plot, campy acting, moody gritty alleys, a big scary monster and big cool guns. Hauer is awesome in his leather coat, cigar, sunglasses and with the biggest baddest handgun ever. This movie rocks. Watch it!

Reviewed by Boz (spanky_boz) 10 / 10

Split Second, all it takes to like this film.

This is one of those films you see on ITV at 2.20am Thursday morning. Its consigned to forever be overlooked, stepped on and pushed away. But it's also a b-movie of extraordinary magnitude. A mix of horror, action, breasts(Kim Cattral's, not Rutger Hauer's!) and witty one liners. It never seeks to be better than it is, and in doing so is all the better for it.

With a name like Dick Durkin in the credits, you know you're in for a treat. True, the ending crumbles somewhat(kinda like monty python + holy grail i thought), but the rest of the film is low budget gold. The use of London is great, and the supporting characters such as Cattral and Pete Postlethwaite lend some gravitas to the movie also.

Its a fun way to spend a few hours if you dont have the company of a good women.

Any film where a police officer can call a guard dog a 'dickhead' has to worth it's weight in platinum....

Remember....if you're gonna watch it, be sure to get some BIGGER F**KING GUNS!!!!!!!

Reviewed by NeuroMortis 10 / 10

Geez, Erewhon....

Let's face it: Hauer enjoys it. It's not about wasting his talent, it's about earning money doing fun stuff that people will watch over and over again through the years when it shows up on SciFi or Spike because it's tongue-in-cheek fare that makes no bones about being anything deeper or more meaningful than an alien's irrational fear of toilet paper.

Not everyone is going to watch 'Remains of the Day' at 2AM. There's a time for everything--for intellectual gratification, for aesthetic stimulation--and for just plain blowing the snot out of all things alien and toothy.

On the 'mindless debauchery' scale, this film gets a 10.

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