Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 3.6 10 17277


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Alexa PenaVega as Carmen Cortez
Jessica Alba as Marissa Wilson
Antonio Banderas as Gregorio Cortez
Rowan Blanchard as Rebecca Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drew_atreides 6 / 10

I rate this film as a parent who took his kids...

...Took the family (5 year old son, 2.5 year old daughter) to see Sky Kids 4 today..

Speaking as an adult who saw all 3 of the original SPY KIDS movies in the theatre, this is easily the worst of the series. Joel Mchale (who i have actually become a fan of based off his THE SOUP and COMMUNITY work), Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara give some incredibly bad performances. Embarrassingly-so. Jessica Alba does what Jessica Alba does (thank the Gods she's cute and met Robert Rodriguez), and Jeremy Piven....actually i liked Piven. His character had an interesting story- arc, and he gives a solid performance.

Some of Ricky Gervais' one-liners were funny, too.

The rest of the film was pretty unbearable.

However, speaking as a parent who was out hoping to show his kids a good time, i actually have to give this movie a solid rating. My 2 kids enjoyed the heck out of it, from the talking dog to the baby decking a bad guy, the kids loved it. And my son had a lot of fun keeping track of when to engage the AROMASCOPE scratch card.

A nice film for younger families, i think.

Reviewed by sonnavfenrir 3 / 10

Messy and heavy handed

I love the Spy Kids movies - even Spy Kids 3, despite its flaws.

When they announced that Spy Kids 4 was on the way, I had mixed feelings. Yeah, it was cool to see another Spy Kids movie on the way and as the cast was locked into place, seeing Alexa Vega and Darryl Sabarra coming back was a total blast. Then it started to get a bit worrying with news of the gimmick of smell-o-vision being used to try and sell this one.

The end result? A big mess. On the plus side, the effects and the 3D in this are better than they have been in previous outings. There is some fun to be had seeing Juny and Carmen come back as grown up Spy Kids and there are some nice little links to the original trilogy. The new Spy Kids are kinda fun but not as cool or engaging as the original two and Jessica Alba is pretty game to put up with some of the crap she's put through here. And some giggles can be had from Ricky Gervais' spy dog and Jeremy Piven's multiple appearances.

That said, the smell-o-vision thing is just plain distracting (granted, it's not overdone and is largely confined to the starting 20 minutes) with the large numbers flashing on screen and beeping to make sure you actually do scratch and sniff. The comedy is far too heavy handed and relies more on poop and fart jokes than in previous outings and is aimed strictly at the lowest common denominator - talk about dumbing down! And the message is hammered home with all the finesse and subtlety of sledgehammer to the crotch. There are numerous times where the whole "spend time with your kids/parents" is said direct to camera and after about the third or fourth time, it gets preachy.

It's a shame that Robert Rodriguez felt the need to restart the series with such a lame and heavy handed mess, given just how much fun the first three had to offer. And, on a personal note, I was gutted to see that Uncle Machete was relegated to a blink and you miss him cameo after being built up so well. Aah well, I'm guessing there are plans for another couple movies so there's a chance that it can redeem itself but I think that after this, it's gonna have to work hard!

Reviewed by kjm92 6 / 10

A Juvenile Effort Meant for those Under Five

I don't think this was a bad film, granted it wasn't a good film but for me I couldn't help relate it back to the original movies and in that sense I think it did well, it didn't stray too far from the original plot lines and I liked that because I was afraid after all these years it would have changed completely.

So many of these reviews rate it as "cheep and crappy", well it's definitely cheap, the graphics are pretty much exactly the same as the original films and its not going to win any awards for being a brilliant flick but the movie wasn't made for YOU, it was made for the kids.

I think as a kids movie, or family movie, it does well and I believe the children will love it just as I loved the originals when I was younger. Yes the plot is cliché and predictable but to a kid it's a whole other world where they can be a hero without growing up.

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