Stage Fright


Action / Comedy / Horror / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Minnie Driver as Kylie Swanson
Meat Loaf as Roger McCall
Douglas Smith as Buddy Swanson
Dan Levy as Entertainment Reporter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MikesIDhasbeentaken 6 / 10

Good fun film.. though could have been better

I enjoyed this film, but I was always going to enjoy a musical slasher film starring Meatloaf. That combination alone was enough for me to wait for this eagerly for months.

But, this was a little disappointing, the songs were a bit tame, the killings were boring, and the end reveal of the killer was too obvious in the first part of the film that it was never going to be a surprise, not only was it clear who the killer was, you could guess the 'hidden' motive too.

That said, however, it's still a musical slasher film starring meatloaf... if you like the sound of that, then you can't go to far wrong here.

Reviewed by Nicole of 7 / 10

Bloody Campy Fun

Nothing is more important than musical theater, not even murder.

Camilla Swanson and her brother Buddy work at Center Stage, a summer camp for musical theater ingenues run by their guardian Ron McCall. This year the camp's final show will be The Haunting of the Opera, the musical their mother was the lead actress in when she was brutally murdered. Camilla wishes to be like her mother but auditions are cutthroat, literally, and there is a kabuki masked madmen with a murderous disdain for Broadway belting.

Stage Fright is a film set in a summer camp that can only be described as campy. It is ridiculous and funny, self-awaredly mocking all the musical theater stereotypes. Everyone sings Sondheim-esque tunes, even the killer, but his musical styling is about as far from the brassy Broadway musical theater genre as it can get.

With any hybrid genre film, one is typically more dominant than the other. Stage Fright is both horror and musical though forty minutes pass by where it is straight musical movie before any real carnage occurs. Luckily writer/director Jerome Sable keeps Stage Fright light and amusing.

Stage Fright makes you endure Glee-like show-tunes in order to get to the bloody massacre of these theater camp adolescents. The deaths in the film are not nearly as campy as the first half of the film, unfortunately, and I wanted them to be a bit more far-fetched and ridiculous. Stage Fright fulfills the niche market for musical theater horror.

Audiences will leave with the knowledge that it's not wrong to sing and dance when someone just died, the show must go on and nothing is more important than The Theatre.

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Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

I sleep around with women but musicals make me gay!

I'm definitely not as skeptical and negative towards the combination "horror + musical" as most people are, or at least I like to think I'm not. In my humble opinion there exist a couple of terrific horror musicals - such as "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", "The Wicker Man", "Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street", Dario Argento's "Opera" and "Repo! The Genetic Opera" – but the main question remains, of course, whether a modestly produced slasher like "Stage Fright" from an unknown and debuting director like Jerome Sable can be as good and memorable as any of the aforementioned titles (which are either genuine cult classics or directed by popular film makers). The answer somewhat bounces back and forth between yes and no. "Stage Fright" definitely contains a handful of imaginative ideas and mighty great sequences, but it also suffers from a couple of dreadfully dull parts and it occasionally goes too far over-the-top. The opening sequences of the film are inarguably fantastic and set the tone for what might become a truly barbaric and bloody slasher highlight. After another stellar performance in the acclaimed piece "Haunting of the Opera", musical starlet Kylie Swanson (the one and only Minnie Driver) is savagely stabbed to death by someone wearing the villain's mask, in the presence of her two young children Camilla and Buddy. Ten years later, Kylie's husband and producer Roger (Meat Loaf, oh yes) is running a summer camp for aspiring teenage musical singers – without much financial success, though – and her offspring works in the kitchen of this same camp. The new batch of singers arrives and the obnoxious art director decides that they will perform "Haunting of the Opera" at the end of summer camp. Camilla sees her chance to follow into the footsteps of her mother and auditions for the female lead role, much against the will of other girl campers and her own brother Buddy. Jealousy, treason, rivalry and sabotage ensue, but that's not all. The vicious killer pops up again as well, and expresses his/her hatred towards musicals by butchering people left and right. Okay, so the opening massacre is awesome. What else? Most the songs are actually very good and mix hysterical lyrics with nice rhythms and lovely singing voices. My personal favorite is the camp entrance song "Where we Belong", featuring lyrics like "I've got beaten up a dozen times for singing songs and sometimes rhymes. Those school bullies sound awful bad. What school buddies, that was just my dad!". The cast is terrific as well, with particularly the beautiful and sexy Allie MacDonald leaving a great impression, and the script contains numerous successful tongue-in-cheek references towards traditional slasher clichés (suspicious hillbilly janitor, anyone?) and summer camp classics. Negative elements include a few too many tedious sequences, notably during the musical premiere, and a too absurd maniacal killer character with Kabuki mask and a passion for metal music. The identity of the killer is so damn obvious, by the way, that I presume it's also part of the overall parody. Warmly recommended in case you like the slasher genre and all of its nowadays homage films, and also recommended of course if "you're gay but not in that way".

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