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Idris Elba as Krall
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Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk
Simon Pegg as Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by magnuselm 3 / 10

Just garbage

How is it possible to spend so much cash making a movie so utterly meaningless and bad? 185 million USD?

This is 2 hours of your life that you will never get back.

So, where to start? First off the story is so thin and seems like a child wrote it. It has no depth and right from the beginning you feel basically nothing for the bad guys or the good guys, and there are so many holes in the story.

There happens to be a huge base far out in space where the Enterprise is going to restock? Isen't the Enterprise supposed to be out in deep space exploring?

Next to this large space base there is a nebula and apparently a planet with perfect conditions for human survival. It seems to be right next to the large space base, which would seem very very unlikely considering the vastness of space. And the crew happen to land on the same small area of this huge planet so they can all meet up.

Then they meet a character that seems to be a bad mix of Rey from Star Wars and Neytiri from Avatar who happen to have found an old federation ship (that of course they can get to work after 150 years on a deserted planet), very unoriginal.

So the reason for the bad guy Krall to lure the Enterprise to his planet and destroy it seems to be a device that Kirk has that will help Krall kill people. But in the end of the movie it is very clear that using his ships alone he could have easily destroyed the base - so what was the purpose of this relic device in the first place?

There is quite bad CGI during the whole movie. In every action packed scene especially the fighting the camera moves around so much it is hard to grasp what is happening. But even with this shaky camera trick it's impossible to miss how utterly bad these scenes are. The fighting scene between Manas and our Rey character is one of the worst Iv seen in a long time.

The only thing decent with this movie are some of the actors and their dialog. Everything else, from story to script to CGI is just garbage.

Im sorry I like Star Trek I really do, but this movie is not worth seeing in the cinema.

Reviewed by ardast 3 / 10

Gene Roddenberry rolling over in his grave.

Where do I begin? As a lifelong Star Trek fan I had an uneasy feeling while watching this movie. I could not shake the sense that I was just looking at another mediocre summer popcorn flick; an experience that would evaporate from my brain just hours after I leave the theater.

I remember sitting in the cinema with my head low embarrassed by the movie, although I wanted it to prove me wrong ever since I saw the "Beastie Boys" trailer back in 2015. Instead, it dragged along with that "proven" Hollywood formula of what a summer hit should look like. Constricted by its own creative limitations I was looking at a product that was not a science fiction in its core, but a creation that had only one intention since its birth: to milk as much money as possible.

Star Trek Beyond was so devoid of the primordial concepts set up by Mr. Gene Roddenberry that it contributed to the confused identity of the picture. The plot of the movie is so "light" in its essence that it lacks the moral dilemmas, the exploration (inner and outer) and the development usually present in the Star Trek universe. There was neither message nor any character evolution and we did not learn more about anything really. Instead of Kirk, Spock and Scotty you could stick just any name over the protagonists and nobody would have noticed. The story was atrocious and full with plot holes patched up by unnecessary although flashy looking CGI.

Star Trek Beyond also has one of the weakest villains in its history. It was definitely not the actors fault and such a shame to waste the opportunity of having a strong artist like Idris Elba. It was the fault of the writer and the director who missed the opportunity to take Star Trek back on its track. Instead they created a cute flick full with needless CGI scenes, explosions and dialogue written for "dumb" audiences. Everything had to be explained to the viewers, nothing was left to the imagination. There was nothing to debate with your friends after the movie or something to stir your imagination or to push you to prod its meaning. Nothing like that at all, everything was given on a run-of-the-mill plate for the audience to consume in a shortest possible time frame.

The movie had its moments, so not everything was complete rubbish. I liked the character of Jaylah and some of the humor, but that was it. Some of the scenes were of course visually impressive though sometimes things would fly around too much and contaminate the image. Of course this movie was done by people, who know their job, but I am not pondering the execution and the skill of the artists, I am merely concerned about the soul of this thing we love so much.

This thing we used to know of as Star Trek.

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 5 / 10

Tries to be more "Star Trek"-ish then previous reboot films, but turn actually less so

Being less "Star Trek"-ish isn't bad per se. What's wrong with this (motion) picture is that it fails in trying the exact opposite.

This feels like your "regular blockbuster" within Star Trek (reboot) universe. It's interesting because things keep happening, thus it keeps your attention, the time passes by quickly. But, at the end, you don't feel much, if anything. Nothing really interesting actually happened.

It's somewhat unfortunate. It starts of good. There a few funny lines/situations. The story is Star Trek-ish, yet a little different. But, about the time that the rebooted JT Kirk mutters that his "life feels episodic", it starts to feel forced. Everything. The story, the visuals, the "funny". Take "gay Sulu", for example. Sulu's sexual orientation has no bearing on this story what so ever. So, the only reason to show it is to be able to say "we're good with LGBT". Thus, it's forced, plain and simple.

All of it screams "we want to make a blockbuster". But, that shouldn't be the point, really. They should be wanting to make a good movie. If it were really good, given the extent of Star Trek fandom, you can bet it would have been a blockbuster.

So, what we have gotten is watchable, but, oh-so-forgettable. Let me put it this way: for all it's many flaws, I actually prefer "Into Darkness" to this movie.

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