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Reviewed by Gokuguys 9 / 10

The ultimate Star Trek movie. Kirk and Piccard are the best st duo ever!

I love this movie mainly because Its Kirk and Picard the two best st captains who ever lived. therefore it is the best st movie of all time. I was surprised of how high the quality of this movie was. i'm sure allot of people think of it as two old geezers fooling around in a crappy license movie but this was quite the contrary. i almost lost track of time, i was so absorbed in how amazing the movie was. It just wasn't the fact that the two of them were together at last. The acting of Bret spinner was incredible as well. For those of you who haven't seen it yet you are in for a treat(i don't want to oversell but you are going to love this film!)

Reviewed by zirclet 7 / 10

'Generations' Revisited

I was for some reason compelled to put this into the old DVD player last night, and was pleasantly surprised. After 2009's big-budget reboot (which I was duly dazzled and entertained by), this comes off as a think piece/art film in comparison, and a time capsule from a period where 'Star Trek' was everything Gene Roddenberry wanted it to be- cerebral, compassionate, and thoughtful- and people were eating it up by the millions.

I recall being thoroughly underwhelmed by this in the late 90's- my younger self, like many others, was expecting a bombastic 'Event' movie- Kirk was meeting Picard, for crying out loud! But instead of a ripping, old-style Star Trek space opera, we got K&P meeting in a log cabin, while Kirk made breakfast, followed by an extended pony ride in which Kirk's character does little but support the story's themes of mortality. And you know what? That's FINE!

I recalled Roger Ebert's review of the second 'X-Files' movie, in which he called it refreshing, adding that it was heartening to see a summer franchise film that "didn't have a villain as big as a building". 'Generations' doesn't have a villain at all- it has an energy ribbon, and a scientist who desperately wants to harness that ribbon's power after a personal tragedy. What it does have are several indelible sci-fi images (the ribbon approaching Dr. Soran on the mountaintop, the Enterprise-D saucer touching down on a planet's surface) and an abundance of class. This is a gem of a film that now seems to hearken from an era when every genre film didn't have to be shown on a three-storey screen and have 3-D shrapnel flying at the audience throughout.

Reviewed by ronindave 2 / 10

I'll take the 5th over this!

People used to complain about how bad the 5th Star Trek movie was but I'll take that one any day over this annoying stinker. At least Final Frontier had some funny character moments whereas in the is film the Next Generation crew come off as a bit lifeless with the exception of Picard and Data (which is unfortunate in the latter case).

Generations was a pointless picture that did not need to be made. It would be better if they had started the next generation movies with First Contact (and stopped there).

The main plot - a bad guy wants to get into a happy magic land that floats around the galaxy like a giant red ribbon in space. In order to accomplish this he shoots rockets into suns in order to change the direction of the ribbon so he can hitch a ride.

Who authorized this mess?

The Starship Enterprise has to stop him but Captain Picard can't do it alone so he brings in help from the past in the form of legendary Captain James T Kirk. The two captains then proceed to get into a punch-up with Malcolm McDowell and (spoiler!) Kirk dies from a falling bridge. Yep, that's the epic death of Captain Kirk. He doesn't save the whole galaxy by ramming a starship into a doomsday machine or go down fighting blood-crazed Klingons. He falls off a bridge trying to save some planet we never see or heard of before trying to stop a crazy old guy from shooting rockets into suns so he could go to a magical happy land. Dying peacefully in bed would have been better than this ignominy.

Added to this fiasco are the painfully not funny scenes with Data and his emotion chip. It was desperately being played up for laughs for the movie-going audience whom the film-makers must have thought of as idiots.

I will say I did like the scenes between Kirk and Picard when they were in the magic ribbon (called the Nexus). I just wish those scenes had been in a much better movie than this. Also the beginning of the film with Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov though unnecessary was nice.

Overall I cannot recommend this movie unless you like Rifftraxs who do one on this film.

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