Star Trek III: The Search for Spock


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Christopher Lloyd as Commander Kruge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rainey-Dawn 10 / 10

The Perfect Continuation From Part 2

This movie picks right up from where Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan left off. Khan was a great "cliff-hanger" film that deliberately left an opening for Search for Spock. If you've never watched the Star Trek films and want to do so then I highly suggest you to watch Wrath of Khan before you watch The Search for Spock so you will know what is going on... but you will not have to watch the first movie in order to know what is going on in parts 2 and 3.

To talk about The Search for Spock without giving away too much for first time viewers is hard to do. I can say that this film concerns a Klingon named Commander Kruge and his crew, the planet Genesis and, duh, Kirk and crew searching for Mr. Spock.

Once again, another outstanding movie that fell in love with as a pre-teen and I find it quite "fascinating" today. A really good film for fans of Star Trek and has a happy ending.


Reviewed by FlashCallahan 8 / 10

Up your shaft.....

The unpleasant incident with Khans Wrath had cost the life of Mr. Spock...........or so it seemed.

Admiral Kirk is informed by Spock's father Sarek that his son is being kept alive in the thoughts of one of the crew members. It now becomes necessary to search for Spock's body, so that flesh and soul can be rejoined on Vulcan.

It turns out that Spock's spirit is residing within the mind of the Vulcan's longtime shipmate, Dr. McCoy.

Finding the body is another matter, since the Enterprise has been consigned to the trash heap and thus is out of Kirk's jurisdiction......

With a helpful 'previously on....' At the beginning of the film, ST:TSFS takes no time in getting straight to the main point of the narrative, find Spock, and maybe we can find ourselves along the way.

There are a lot of metaphors in the film surrounding life, mortality, and finally death, but these never really hinder the pace of the story, and after the tense and dark second entry, it's a bit of a relief that this has a more light hearted, almost Schumacher touch to the sets and the colours of the film.

Take Lloyds uber villain, as despicable as he is, he's almost pantomime with his performance and gait, and when we first meet him with his Henson Workshop pet, and that really eighties neon lighting, it takes the urgency away from his motivation.

But Lloyd seems to be enjoying the fact he is playing a Klingon, and Nimoy as director just seems to let him do what he wants. Shatner is more Shatner in this, and he hams up the screen, especially in the hilarious final fight between him and Lloyd (I particularly loved the backflip).

But it's all highly enjoyable, the sets are astonishing, and the film is full of vibrant colours that almost make the film feel a little like 'The Temple Of Doom' in the final act (which was out at the same time).

But do yourself a favour, don't do what my father did and take me to see this without seeing the prior movie, you'll feel like you're watching totally incoherent.

It's best watching II and III back to back.

It works so much better...

Reviewed by Daniel Loe 6 / 10

A dull and forgettable entry into the series

So, I'm not generally one of those people who are really critical of the Star Trek movies just because they don't 'have the intelligent messages' of the show. I get that they need to appeal to a broader audience, and sometimes I think that works better, because I've liked most of the Star Trek movies to some degree and then there are some that I can just respect but don't really care for them.

Search for Spock, is more like that, except, I really have very little respect for it. Movies like Generations, or even Nemesis, have lots of flaws whether it's in the acting, the story, the characters or whatever, but those always have some entertaining sequences, but Search for Spock really doesn't have anything like that. It is just so boring.

I mean, nowadays, the Kirk era style just feels a little corny, so you kind of have to judge it based on the time. Wrath of Khan, for example, has corny moments, but the story, atmosphere, acting, and writing all elevated it past the cheesy moments, so that the audience was willing to ignore the weak links. The problem with Search for Spock is that it doesn't give us anything. We get the slowest build-up ever, as we spend at least an hour just to get Enterprise to the Genesis Planet, and let's not mention this is essentially a glorified reset button for Wrath of Khan.

Spock is resurrected by a deus ex machine plot device introduced for the movie (the Vulcan Khat'ra), David Marcus dies, Carol Marcus disappears, never to be mentioned again, the Genesis planet is destroyed, so…yeah, you take one of the best Star Trek movies and nullify it. Also, we have one of the lamest villains in Kruge, who tops even William Shatner on overacting. The only positive to him is that he is so cheesy he makes his scenes marginally entertaining, but they still aren't actually good scenes. He and Kirk get into a really weak, fake-looking brawl, which is the final battle of the two action scenes in the movie (the first being the 5-second space battle between the Enterprise and the bird of prey). I'm not saying action is the most important part of a Star Trek movie, or even necessarily an important part, but when a movie has nothing else going for it, an entertaining action scene can go a long way. This is by no means the worst Star Trek movie, but this one has so little going for it that it's hard to see why it would even be considered one of the better ones.

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