Star Trek: Insurrection


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Reviewed by garthbarnes-62014 2 / 10

Take An Ethics Class; Please!!!!

Spoilers Ahead:

Remember all the people who laugh at philosophers? How useless we are; we contribute nothing to our society. Here is my contribution; the film bombed for one reason. Even non philosophers have a God given sense of right and wrong that tells them whether something is intrinsically wrong. No, Anij if you possess something that would help billions of people who are suffering you are not entitled to your own little narcissistic paradise, sorry. The total moral revulsion at self love, this deep, with Picard babbling about how, because these reasonings can be difficult, it somehow follows that we are not entitled to make them. NON SEQUITUR Sorry, chrome dome, doctors, nurses, firemen and policemen make these decisions every day. We know you are too cowardly to allow reality within your little, narcissistic dreamland, where you hide, like the cowards you are, from the harsh truths of life. They were not even indigenous to that planet, not that it would have made any difference.

Frakes had hit a home run with First Contact, why I never know, this took care of his career as a director. The thing about psychotic narcissism it really does not notice that any other living beings or their boundless suffering exists. No, just so Anij can live within the beats of her heart; she simply never hears the screams of the suffering around her. What little children they are happy in their safe little playhouse. Pity the two great actors working in this pile of crap: Zerbe and Abraham. Poor F. Murray, it is a long way from Salieri!!

The film features cringe worthy moments even for Star Trek and that is saying something. The Gilbert and Sullivan sing a long made me see if there were any sharp edges on the seat I could slash my wrists with. TNG crew here is a news flash for you; you cannot act and your movies suck as bad as your overrated TV show. Their humanism is always so taxing; the philosophy requires a historical lobotomy all the horrors present and past humans have and are perpetrating must be expunged. Fear, fear of the truth always haunts them as they run into Disneyland never to return to reality again. Imagine, you could relieve the suffering of trillions but this handful of self loving pigs are entitled. Gee, do you think that might reflect people in 1997? Actually, no the film was a huge bomb; I applaud the common American people, who while not philosophers, know disgusting selfishness when they hear and see it. Q.E.D.

Reviewed by spaceboy_a 10 / 10

A Brilliant Piece of Work...

This is probably the best of the recent Trek films. Honestly, I don't know why many people don't like it when production wise, it couldn't have been any better. Each scene is nicely constructed and utilizes all the necessary ingredients of film making.

OK, the story was simple but for what the story was, screen writer Michael Piller, wrote a screenplay that is so polished, that every one-liner was perfectly timed and the dialogue was very sharp. The drama and story unfolded not too slowly and not too fast. The characterization was fantastic particularly the conflict between Piracy and Admiral Ross. It's a story about fighting for what you believe in, which every character in the film, even the bad guys, does until the bitter end.

There is no rules that says a science fiction film or Star Trek must have a complex storyline, but a storyline that tells a story and tells it well is what Insurrection does perfectly

I don't enjoy action films and I think 'Star Trek: First Contact' is one of the most overrated sci-fi actioneers in years. Insurrection had a very human story and is also very audience friendly for those who have never seen Star Trek.

I think people need to take another look at this film and ask what is wrong with it apart from the story being too simple? Production design looks great, the film is beautifully shot, Jerry Goldsmith's score was perfect, and the energy from performances from the entire cast comes off in the film like no other Star Trek movie.

'Star Trek: Insurrection' is a very underrated film, and a film that deserves way more credit.

SCORE: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by Andrew Hobson ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Genuinely Entertaining. What a movie!

I would say that this movie rivals the skill of the first "Next Generation" movie, First Contact. If anything, the dialogue is more refined and the humour, of which there is a great deal, is well timed and raised smiles at suitable points in the movie. Many have criticised the writers for either making the humour too silly or, for not daring to take the jokes to the belly-laugh level. Personally, I think the film is richer for the homour, which seems natural, not forced, and generally hit its targets. After all though, it's not a comedy.

Insurrection is a movie which displays far more humanity than the cold, but nevertheless enthralling, First Contact. To compare the movies is difficult, as they are very different, and opinions will inevitably clash. Both movies have a different agenda, I think.

I would dare to say that Insurrection would do a better job at converting people to the Star Trek "cause" than would any of the other films. Before watching, I knew little about Star Trek, and it really stoked my interest in the series. In evaluating Insurrection I realised that the film has several outstanding set-pieces, some of which are very memorable, such as the high-speed chase between Picard and Data through the cloud layers, with The Captain trying to coax Data into performing a scene from Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore. The scene is outrageous, and very surreal, and extremely well done. Another example would be the attack of the flying miniature transporter robots, where Worf really gets to prove how brave, and violent, he really is.

Finally, the acting is universally good, and Stewart puts in a performance of depth, although not as impressive as in First Contact. The plot of Insurrection is slight, and alone doesn't manage to hold the attention. But the other elements that go into producing a good movie, such as the script, acting, directing, and, dare I say it, special effects, add up to an entertaining whole.

I think that free of the limitations imposed by the "classic trek" rules, and the campy acting that dogged the earlier Trek flicks, the Star Trek franchise will flourish, and this movie shows how much a cast enjoying what they are doing adds to the fun and feel-good factor of watching the film with a cinema full of enthralled viewers. Well done Jonathan Frakes!

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