Star Trek: Nemesis


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Tom Hardy as Shinzon
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Reviewed by ArchAngel Michael 3 / 10

Get Your Clone On Weepy Girlie Man!

Spoilers Ahead:

After Insurection went down in flames, the big P fired Riker and sent him to director's school. They remembered action, occasionally amidst the humanism, wake the audience up with some action. The Romulans have some faction led by the lower caste Remens who have a cloned version of Baldy, only a pygmy. No wonder he is so hostile; hey, all the maniacs were short: Hitler, Napoleon. They kill the Romulan High Council and lure Baby No Tears to Romulus; I don't know, maybe dresses were on sale? Shinzon, I know, I ordered a set of those knives myself, says he wants a truce with the Federation. I wouldn't trust him if he's seen your movies with you crying like a little girlie. Picard gets there, spends half the film, brunching, kibitzing with him: finally, Thank God, some action breaks out. Testicle boy wants Picard gone, evidently he saw Highlander too many times, he keeps yelling,"There can be only one!!" Before this, in a miracle, we found an identical Data, who is dumb enough to be the screenplay writer. Now, people who read books only, show of hands? Who thinks they are going to kill Data off at the end of the movie? Gee, what a freaking surprise; yes, it is to people who think Jupiter Ascending is a masterpiece.

Baldy Sr. escapes from Testicle boy and they make a run for it. Unfortunately, he has a ship that looks like it was built by Dick Cheney; he catches up with them and blows the living crap out of the Enterprise. Of course, weepy tries negotiating with him with heartwarming speeches right out of The Sound Of Mucus. No, Testicle boy will not tolerate Picard, come over or I turn on the green mood light and your crew will trip the light fantastic. His ship, the Crapatar, has these spider legs that come out and spray green bug spray all over you. The Dress has to stop him from getting to earth with the green bug spray; It occurs to Chrome Dome that Testicle boy would never notice if he rams his ship with thrusters. If the ship came any slower, he could have knitted a rug. He rams and does to Testicle Boy's ship what the movie will do to your brain. Yes, F's it up big time. Baby No Tears beams over and tries to overpower Testicle Boy, yes, good luck, Picard couldn't take his mama. Data has to space jump over, get in there and serve as surrogate gonads for Baldy Sr.

There is the requisite tragedy, they had the sequel all ready with Data Jr. unfortunately the movie made less money than selling sand to desert people. There is this wonderful epiphany where they all reminisce about Data, talk about hilarious. I cried too, they were not tears of sadness. I remember him flushing my toilet. Suffice to say, unless you worship TNG, do not watch the movie. Yes, it has action along with the Data plot hole you could fit a super-massive Black Hole within. The action is interpolated with insufferable, self pleasuring speeches about the nobility of Baby No Tears in specific or the human race in general. Yes, you know, when there aren't 40 wars going on constantly around the world, how freaking noble we are? Please, use more hand creme, if you take my meaning. The acting, especially Baldy Jr., is just awful. The opening scene with Picard giving that wedding speech, I swear, the next time the doctor says you must vomit to live: I have the scene I need, just have Data sing Irving Berlin. Trust me, if Irving were alive he would be looking for these people and not to thank them.

Reviewed by David_Frames 5 / 10

Death Knoll for an Era...

Oh that it should end like this. After four years of reflection the producers of Star Trek finally realised that they should hire an experienced movie director and writer, one imagines in an attempt to finally give the Next Generation a chance to enjoy a truly cinematic adventure, divorced from the production methodology of the T.V series. The budget had been upped dramatically and writer John Logan (co-writer of the not especially good Gladiator) made encouraging soundings about an epic, grandiose finale with a brooding revenge story at it's heart. Sounds good doesn't it? But Nemesis is not a good movie, in fact its a fitting epitaph for the way the series had progressed and sheds light on the how and why of its ultimate failure. Producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have consistently affirmed that its franchise fatigue that caused the film to die at the box office - a contributory factor perhaps but not the most important reason. In some respects the film's failure was set in stone prior to it's production because the three previous Trek's had been simply so average. You can blame the television shows but frankly, if you've been doing your job right there should be an audience out there looking forward to the new movies because its the kind of event story and spectacle that they can't get on the small screen. Nemesis had come during a period in which successive Treks both on and off the small screen simply hadn't cut the mustard and this was bound to catch up with Paramount sooner or later. It's ultimate failure though is, as ever, the script. Logan's story is clearly based on his favourite - The Wrath of Khan and you can see where he's coming from. Khan has it all. The perfectly recreated spirit of the T.V series, the emphasis and development of character, excellent action set pieces and the perfect, solid storyline that mixes the personal and the epic. Nemesis however does none of these things. It's funny it should be a story about doubles because it's Khan's poorer clone, a sort of a B-4 to the 2nd film's Data if you like, which desperately needs to assert itself an a big-budget action spectacle but in doing so looses the subtly and the character dynamics that produced the best of the T.V series. Stewart and Spiner were given story input and huge salaries to effectively add-testosterone to their characterisations and unsurprisingly place the story emphasis on themselves but in doing so managed to alter both characters so as to divorce from their small screen counterparts. They'll claim they have the right of course but such self-indulgence only points to the general loss of grip exhibited here. In turning Star Trek into some kind of action-franchise, phaser rifles and the like, the shows heart is gradually lost. In fact the general contempt for the show's history is there everywhere from the way in which Wesley Crusher is relegated to a non-speaking background part (his return warranted explanation), the Romulans are carelessly neutered and Data is needlessly dispatched for for the sake of plot rather than logic. A really awful way to end the series but frankly, if this the kind of thing we're going to get then perhaps its for the best. Star Treks II, III and IV sure seem a long time ago now...

Reviewed by dr_foreman 5 / 10

the end?

It's a shame that "Star Trek" is having a tough time surviving in a market that's glutted with bigger budget, "sexier" stuff like The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...

Compared to those blockbusters, Nemesis appears almost quaint, with its heavy reliance on computer graphics that were state of the art - several years ago. Paramount simply isn't investing enough money in these films to keep them looking up-to-date, which is a shame, because Star Trek still has plenty of relevant things to say.

Or does it? You could look at Nemesis as a triumphant return to form, filled with all the action and humanism we've come to expect from these films, or you could look at it as a clumsy rehash of plot elements from "The Wrath of Khan" (revenge! space fight! dramatic death!) and "The Undiscovered Country" (peace with our moral enemies!). I have trouble deciding if this movie is good enough to justify continuing the franchise; I've got nostalgic feelings for the Next Gen crew, even though I prefer the originals, and maybe those feelings are acting in the same capacity as beer goggles.

So what works? Stewart, Frakes, Spiner. The battle is fun. Some of the "deep" questions raised about identity, cloning, and nature vs. nurture got me thinking (although, in the end, they were largely irrelevant - the whole thing devolves into a fight!). What doesn't work? Stilted dialogue. Techno-babble. Boring sets (particularly for the Enterprise). Trying to pass off California filmed through a filter as an alien planet.

Final verdict? First, Star Trek needs a rest. Then, it needs more money. That's what happened to Doctor Who in the last decade, and Godzilla and James Bond went through similar trials in the 1980s. It's bound to happen to any long-running franchise. When it comes back, it does need to be better than Nemesis, not because Nemesis is terrible, but because it's a bit tired. New creative blood revitalized the original crew's films - Nicholas Meyer and Harve Bennet, who knew nothing of Star Trek, managed to give the series the jolt it needed to remain popular for a decade. Another dose of outsiders, with outside perspectives, will be needed to get Star Trek up and running again, sometime in the future...

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