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James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Kurt Russell as Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil
Richard Kind as Gary Meyers, Ph.D.
Djimon Hounsou as Horus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ahmad Sadri ([email protected]) 9 / 10

One of my Favorite Movies of all Time

I don't understand why this movie is so underrated. I have seen it multiple times, and each time I get something new from it. It is a beautiful work of art (The Director's Cut is also a must-see, because the added scenes elaborate on a few confusing plot points) Now, I would just like to take a moment and talk about the aspects of Stargate that make it an enjoyable, exciting, riveting, and thought-provoking film.

First of all, David Arnold has to be recognized for his masterful soundtrack. He should have won some kind of award, like Hans Zimmer won for Gladiator. David Arnold combines themes of romance, adventure, and wonder the likes of which I have never heard. (And believe me, I am an avid fan of movie music, especially Sci-Fi) I am even brave enough to say that his music in Stargate rivals classic, celebrated soundtracks such as Star Wars (John Williams) Next time you see the movie, pay as much attention to David Arnold's music as you pay to the plot. The opening titles themselves are reason enough to rush to the store immediately and buy the soundtrack. My favorite sequence of the soundtrack, by the way, is (#21 Myth, Faith, and Belief) In the movie, this is the scene where Daniel (James Spader) talks to Ra (Jaye Davidson) It is the scene right before the one where Daniel is *almost* forced to kill the soldiers, including Jack O'Neill (Kurt Russell) that he arrived with.

Second of all, this is a VERY believable science fiction film. Most films (like Star Wars, Star Trek, and more) don't have very many ways in which they can actually tie-in with reality. Stargate is in itself a theory. It asks: Where did the pyramids come from? How did the Egyptians develop their gods, and how were they influenced? The answer given by the film to these questions is entirely feasible. Even though the gate itself isn't easy to accept, the underlying theme to the movie is. (pay very very close attention to Daniel and the "seminar" he gives about 10 minutes into the movie in front of other scientists)

Third, and last, I would like to tip the hat to Jaye Davidson's performance. His portrayal of Ra is chilling.(although some people don't seem to agree) Just hearing him speak and seeing his eyes glow sends shivers up my spine. He makes a perfect villain, and it is truly a shame that he hasn't been in many other movies.

This movie receives from me an easy 9 out of 10. It would have gotten a 10 if it were not for the horrible lack of character development. Jack O'Neill is especially bland, although he does seem to brighten up a little bit in the last scene.

See the movie! Buy the soundtrack! And I hope you liked my comments!

Reviewed by back_blast 8 / 10

An amazing story...

Stargate is a terrific movie that has produced 2 hit TV shows, conventions and fans from all over the world. This movie started it all. I found it in my Uncle's basement and decided to watch it. It has an interesting storyline tying in Ancient Egyptian Mythology to make it even more interesting. It's about a struggling archaeologist with strange ideas about the gods and rulers of Ancient Egypt. Only one person is willing to believe him, and recruits him for a translator. What they find is even more amazing than they expected.

It's a highly underrated movie, in my opinion it's better than most sci-fi movies and very interesting.

Reviewed by Big Movie Fan 5 / 10

An Interesting And Original Idea

When I first saw Stargate in 1996 I thought it was a great movie. It had plenty of action, excitement and special effects but also a brilliant story.

James Spader does a wonderful job as Daniel Jackson and ditto for Kurt Russell as Colonel Jack O' Neill. The villains in the movie are very interesting and were a refreshing change to those we usually encounter in movies.

This film would probably be of great interest to those interested in Egyptology or anything to do with the ancient world. It is a thought provoking film for fans of ancient history.

All in all, a great movie which spawned an equally great TV series three years later.

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