Stonehearst Asylum


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
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Kate Beckinsale as Eliza Graves
Michael Caine as Benjamin Salt
Ben Kingsley as Silas Lamb
Jim Sturgess as Edward Newgate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Peter Midknight 8 / 10


Had a great time watching this movie. I'm not a fan of 'old time-y' films but this was a good watch. The story was so that it kept my interest as I kept wondering where it was going to go with all this and I felt at one point it would turn out a bit cliché. I was wrong, and never bored getting from one scene to the next. I recommend it but I can't say much more other than I liked the cast (Don't want to spoil it). Great actors/actresses.

I wondered what Kate Beckinsale was doing in such a film but then it all became clear, she did great, looked great. Micheal Caine, Brendan Gleeson, Ben Kingsley and even David Thewlis were all wonderful. It was my first time encountering Jim Sturgess in any film but he did a great job too, I mean, everyone was right at the top of their game.

The movie is not fast on its feet and contains little action but it makes up for it all with a well told and engaging story. Plenty of suspense.

Overall: I highly recommend it. Maybe not a 'must watch' but after you see it, you'll be glad you didn't miss it. Great ending too.

Reviewed by RetroRick 9 / 10

Take your meds and watch it

I did enjoy this film. Its a nice piece of Gothic melodrama rather than a Gothic horror (as it's made out to be) not least because its concern is to humanise rather than exploit its subject matter. 19th (and 20th) century mental asylums were fascinating and terrifying places, and fortunately or unfortunately depending on your opinion the film doesn't really explore the worst horrors that took place in those institutions. Etc is one of the 'abuses' that used to be forced on people, but since its still in some circumstances used today (as it can be effective for treating depression amongst other things) its got a slightly ambiguous status as an 'horror' treatment (although I've met people who were profoundly angry at being forced to undergo it). Despite this - the film works very well, not least because we never know quite what to expect from Ben Kingsley and the always top notch David Thewlis as the villains of the piece, and to go with the melodrama there's some genuine villainy & tragedy to keep the narrative going not to mention a few twists and turns.

I've no idea how this relates to the tale by Edgar Allen Poe, but the director / writers have managed to balance the sense you get when reading a Wilkie Collins novel or other 19th century melodrama with the (slightly) more critical perspective we have today, although having said that the idea of a therapeutic community - an idea implicit in much of the film - remains quite controversial even today, where drug treatments as a first line of intervention remain the norm rather than the exception. Combined with this is the equally perhaps more controversial idea that sanity is a function of the society we live in - something which is definitely true to some extent - as in the example of hysteria the film addresses - but to what extent is far more controversial? The solution conjured at the end may or may not be if you like a psychotic departure from reality depending on your opinion on the nature of mental illness.

Overall then a very nice little film, with a great cast, and good pacing.

Reviewed by dutu-cornelia 10 / 10

loved it!

I just saw this movie last night...I loved it.

I was a little skeptical at first, I'm not into this kind of movies, but I'm glad I watched it. It was never what I expected of it, I was sure that I know what will happens only to be blown away every single time.

As for the end, lol, it was funny and more than good.

I do not understand why it says that it will come out in November...because I've seen it last night and it's still October.

I gave it a 10, because it's been a long time since I've seen a movie where I can't figure it out what will happen in the next scene or how it will end.

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