Stoner Express


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Billy Boyd as Gordon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidsacks-24337 10 / 10

Very Funnyy

This is the Brothers Grimm, if they were on pot. Lots and lots of pot. Fitting I saw it in Germany this week but its under another title here in EU (Amsterdam?) I adored it. It is crazy. Admittedly I am a fan of Billy Boyd and wanted to see more of him, and with his crazy Scottish accent, he stole the film. Beautifully shot in Amsterdam which makes the city a character of sorts. The plot was fun, once I accepted I was in fairy tale and enjoyed the good knight battling evil for the princess cliché. But primarily its a comedy. Well a trip. Well a stoner comedy. Im not sure what it is actually- -It is definitely a trip, with references to every fairy tale imaginable. Would recommend for the whole family if it wasn't for all the drug taking. Can say I haven't seen anything like it since - well the 80s heydays. Had to review it as a non-smoker. Well mostly. But two big thumbs up. Original.

Reviewed by alex-wilson-577-761270 7 / 10

Silly, juvenile, tacky and a shed load of fun!

If you love Stoner movies you'll enjoy it, if you don't... you probably wont :) Its stupid, childish and tacky... and I enjoyed the hell out of it. If you've ever been to Amsterdam and got stoned you'll get all the in jokes. Probably longer than it needed to be, but its low budget excuses most of the issues with editing and production. Acting is a little wooden, and the 'bad guy' reminded me more of a gangster leprechaun, but the supporting cast keep the laughs coming and the dwarfs... evil dwarfs.

Fantastic to see Howard Marks give his final performance on screen (RIP Howard we miss you!).

*note: Amsterdam Coffeeshops aren't really like this but never mind its fun! Non stoners probably shouldn't bother though...

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