Straight Outta Compton


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Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamie gibson 10 / 10

Best music movie

When you think of rap you think of biggie , 2pac , nwa and not to disappoint after having to follow notorious which was the bio movie iv seen in years but straight outta Compton has blew it away it was incredible i think what made it the movie it was was the people who played nwa members eazy e , dr dre ,ren ,yella and to top it off ice cubes son played a younger cube overall it was 10 outta 10 would of gave it 11 if i could

Reviewed by kmtw 7 / 10

Conflicted - Good movie but would Eric Wright wanted to be portrayed that way?

As a movie, it's great. The casting was spot on and the actors are perfect. It keeps you on the age of your seat for the first 1hr 45 mins and then winds down from there. It has some humour in it and shows the human side of them all. They all have their flaws, but they have qualities that outweigh them.

I loved this as a movie. 7 is a high score for me and I would have given this movie an 8 if not for the last hour of the movie. The portrayal of Eazy-E struggling seems very disrespectful to me. If Eric were alive, would he have wanted himself being portrayed that way? He had a good solo career, he was working closely with Bone Thugs n Harmony who were nowhere to be seen.

It skipped his rap beef with Dre and his diss records to Death Row and Suge Knight. He even ends up bagging up cannabis to sell and make ends meet. It's very disrespectful to a man who isn't here to see that his legacy get's shown tastefully. He was a very proud man and would want to come across as stronger.

When Future generations watch this movie they will think Eric was a struggling solo rapper who couldn't function without NWA. The truth is he wasn't doing too bad financially, he had a successful solo career that was only slowed down due to his deteriorating health, and was helping many up and coming artists. He was still being paid for every record Dre sent out for the time he was under contract with Ruthless.

Despite it being a very good movie, it isn't the best biopic due to their portrayal of Eazy-E.

Reviewed by Ren M 5 / 10

Worth a watch but not too accurate

All in all, the movie isn't so bad... Especially considering how awful some biopics are. However, I don't believe the film is very accurate. Now, before you go like "What?! the films' producers are two of the main characters, of course it's damn accurate!" to which I'll say: That exactly is the problem..." Besides not including a pivotal member in the formation and release of NWA's first record and pretending he never existed (I'm referring to Arabian Prince here), the movie focuses too much on Dre and Ice Cube, since they're the two members that achieved the most fame as solo artists, and Eazy E of course, since 1- He's deceased and it's out of respect for his legacy, 2- His - controversial and not really liked- widow serves as a producer for the film also. The film really takes away the importance of DJ Yella and MC Ren and minimizes their roles in NWA to focus on Dre and Ice Cube probably because it was assumed that it'll attract the audience more as to this day these are two huge names in the hip hop world whilst DJ yella and MC Ren -despite being real OGs- aren't as known to the mainstream audiences. So, overlooking the fact that history is re-written, the cast does live up o the expectation, especially Ice Cube's son: He does a wonderful job portraying his father, so does Paul GIamatti as Jerry Heller. Some scenes are a little cliché (Ice cube listening to NWA dissing him and hopping in the studio to spit "No Vaseline" and NAW in turn listening to it sitting in Heller's office arguing if Ice Cube knows what anti-semitism is... -,-' ) Conclusion: it's worth a watch but to get the real NWA story and beefs, it's best to do some reading from around the web.

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