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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Nicole Kidman as Catherine Parker
Hugo Weaving as Detective David Rae
Joseph Fiennes as Matthew Parker
Maddison Brown as Lily Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Abdullah Almosalami 8 / 10

This is so much better than people give it credit for

Don't listen to the people saying it doesn't make sense or it doesn't have an ending or whatever. Look, this film isn't really for everyone, because it's slow-paced and not a lot is happening all the time, but certain things are undeniably great about this film, like the acting and the cinematography and the soundtrack and the REALISM. This film really surprised me in it that it's not at all "hollywoodized". It's purely just real. It reveals human nature in a way that not a lot of films do, as in, people are more complicated that we give them credit for, and they act certain ways for a number of reasons that we just won't know on the getgo. In the beginning of the film, you'll probably find yourself annoyed with a lot of characters, but as you learn more about them and realize that there's more to them than what you first saw, you kind of feel bad for judging them. My only small nitpicks about this film is that some scenes I wish they had long static shots of the characters, like in Shame if you ever saw that film, because it would've fit better than cutting between the faces of the people, but other than that, this is a well made film. Don't go into this film with any "pre-judgements", because it's likely not correct. All that I can say is this is not an action packed film. It's not really a thriller. It's not a fantastical plot. It's slow and steady and real.

Reviewed by f-rabit 3 / 10

Nicole, what the hell?

I love Nicole. One of the best of her time. She normally chose good movies to be part of. Not this one, though. Can't understand what made her accept being part of this...thing. It started out well, but soon loses pace and logic. I couldn't see it thoroughly. Nothing happens. Ridiculous scenes...even sex scenes. Strange and ridiculous. The actors, couldn't deliver cause there's nothing to. A lot of scenes should be cut off, cause they don't make any sense at all. And the end, gosh, deplorable. Deplorable ending. I can't understand what's the point of this movie? For what purpose was it made? And what about the title? Strangerland?! My God! Awful!This movie could have been good.The ambiance, the actors...what a waste of talent and of my time!

Reviewed by tim-arnold777 1 / 10

One-hundred and eleven minutes of WTF

I know the actors in this film have fallen from the A-List of Hollywood elite, but they are strong and talented actors. What this film seems to be is a thrown together story with feckless direction and too many holes in the plot for anyone to even care. I wanted EVERYONE to die, for crap's sake. There wasn't anyone who presented a character I could feel for....except for maybe the weird boy (Tommy) who seemed as though he had been molested. Why did he leave his bedroom every night to walk the Outback? Why so cryptic and quiet? Why did Catherine accuse her husband Matthew of "touching" Lily? Why wasn't Matthew sexually interested in Catherine, yet so obsessed with any boys who dared look at his daughter? Too many unanswered questions and an ending that might have held some closure if the voice-over track (who I assumed was the voice of Lily) had been intelligible through the annoying reverb and swelling music. Couldn't understand a ƒu©king word! A tremendous waste of time and possibly the biggest piece of cinematic dicktease that I've seen in a long while.


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