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Tom Felton as Cummings
Connie Nielsen as Sumner
Tyler Hoechlin as Marty
Dominic Cooper as John Stratton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieReviewer 3 / 10

Worse than cheesy!

I expected a somewhat decent action movie, but instead watched something that has the appeal of a damp rag. The writing is terrible, fight scenes and sound effects are very far from believable, acting is mediocre at best.

Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by jimkennyeverett-691-760833 5 / 10

Sub Par effort

Right from the beginning this had a straight to DVD / TV feel to it. An excellent cast seem wasted and Connie Nielson is totally miscast with a horrible accent, I usually like her too. Like others have said, the action scenes are poor and the music was awful and brought nothing to the Film, maybe they didn't have the budget. At one point Chen's character mentions NATO rounds being 7.62, when they are now 5.56, but I am just being picky. Any way I lost interest after about 30 minutes. I have liked Simon West's movies in the past but he has seriously lost it of late. On the whole a Sub Par effort.

Reviewed by simonpcpearson 5 / 10

Simon West strikes again

I really like Duncan Falconer's novels and was hoping that this would be a good movie.

Hopes faded somewhat when Simon West was appointed as director, but still thought this might work. And it might have with original leading man Henry Cavill.

Cavill left the project early and was replaced with Dominic Cooper. Cooper doesn't have the presence, the charisma or the physicality to play the lead in this kind of movie. He is far too bland to play the Stratton of Falconer's novels.

The script seems to be a loose reworking of Falconer's first novel, although of course , in a bid to win over American viewers, the villains are no longer IRA terrorists.

Under West's direction the movie is robbed of any tension or excitement that it should have had. There are some decent action scenes but they are not engaging.

Aside from Cooper the other bad piece of miscasting is Connie Neilson, whose attempts at a cut glass English accent are a strain on the ears.

As a piece of trivia if Cavill had played Stratton you would have had two Superman actors working together, Cavill and Tyler whatsisname.

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