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Mindy Robinson as Ring Girl
Quincy Brown as Dante
Kate Miner as Jasmine
Beau Casper Smart as Remo Street
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mike Grecksch 6 / 10

Song in this movie

Hey I was wondering if anybody knows the name of the very first song they play in this movie I've been trying to find it but I can't ! Please and thank you! it goes something like this "I've been here before I'm not gonna fall, well prepared ready for war, it's time to bet it all it's time to settle the score, A champion me from the start, was born with it see I do it from the heart, it's time to go get it it's time to tear them apart, it's time to jump with it, weak from the strong great from elite I came right out of the streets, where we all fight they eat, where we all fight for peace, I'm about to be king of the streets, I don't really care what you say I run the streets, I'm from the streets, I'm a champion inside I can't be beat, oh yeah oh yeah, cause I'm from the streets yeah I been through things you can't talk about

Reviewed by visserwow 2 / 10

Copy paste of 'Never back down', just not as good

Actual movie is copy paste of 'Never back down', just way worse directing... Firstly, its a movie and people will notice when 3 different people wear the same shirt across 6 scenes, literally just switching who wears it...

Secondly, when you hire trained professionals to do a fighting movie, likelihood is that they wont mind throwing real punches and even if they do mind they wont mind it being closer than the movie's ruler's length fake punches and kicks.

Thirdly, the person who did the music for the movie should just be shot, period. The audio leaching into next scenes is horrendous and the dialog interference is unbearable with badly chosen music played in foreground, not back.

If you intend on watching this movie, be sure to expect a $10 budget cut movie that couldn't even make use of the actors for the movie cover (spoiler, its CGI, but the movie isn't).

Reviewed by ianharb 3 / 10

They needed to invest in better post production

This movie was just awful. I give it 3 stars for actors who are at least better than a high school actor trying to pad a college application with extra activities. But the rest of it... I don't even know where to begin.

The script is basic. Just simple, non imaginative, cliché. The directing is the same. I will leave those elements alone, because you can almost enjoy those aspects in bad, low budget movies when you are going in to them knowing it was a bad low budget movie.

The star of the movie, the fighting, was OK at best. For such an obviously low budget movie that brought in some MMA names, they should have really done much more to make sure the fighting was way better. And maybe they did...maybe it was just lost in the editing. But none of the fights had any sort of drama. No build. No gripping action.

But the thing that KILLS this move...the bad technical aspects. The utter lack of proper post production. I hate seeing seams in the walls of cheap sets. It is a sure fire give away that you are dealing with low budget. The lighting had no character to it. Did anyone do any color correction? It looked like raw footage. And the sound mix was the absolute killer here. It really played like a temp cut that they rolled out because they just gave up. No attempt at SFX through most of the edit, other scenes just had a background SFX track playing on a loop, music cues dropping out all of a sudden, popping in hot in other places, playing loud under dialogue in other spots so you couldn't hear a thing. If the producers don't have respect enough for their film to finish it properly then nobody should but the time into watching this. Unless you are making a low budget film and want to see a good example of why post production can help a bad movie out, then watch this as a cautionary tale. It will convince you to find more money for post for sure.

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