Street Trash


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by james_trevelyan 7 / 10

Hypnotic! Dripping in class, and really very well done

'Street Trash' the most offensive film ever made? Quite possibly. This baby is exceedingly hard to locate, which is unfortunate, because it is an outlandish, unapologetic delight with a wonderful streak of black, black humour. Director Jim Muro has since become one of the most respected Steadicam operators in the business, and has worked his magic upon some pretty big pictures. I believe he was the Steadicam operator on 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day', but I might be wrong.

When an enterprising liquor store owner in New York's Lower East Side(?) finds a dusty crate of something named Tenafly Viper stashed behind a brick wall in a back room of his place of business, he decides to sell it cheaply to the bums in the neighbourhood who are his chief customers. But Tenafly Viper is strong stuff indeed; strong enough to melt one's body! And you thought hangovers were bad.

Pretty soon, the homeless population around the liquor store is dwindling as more and more of these unfortunates consume this deadly drop and promptly disintegrate. The first bum to imbibe the killer stuff does so while seated upon a filthy lavatory. He melts into the commode, pulls the chain, and flushes himself away! Truly tasteless, n'est pas? Two more memorable scenes from 'Street Trash' come to mind: in one, a man has his penis bitten off; in the other, a man is spectacularly decapitated by a flying gas cylinder. I read in Fangoria(?) that this scene required eight special effects crew members to pump blood! 'Street Trash' reminds me of Peter Jackson's wonderful 'Bad Taste' which, while far superior to 'Street Trash', is in the same outrageous vein. I guess it might also be likened to 'The Incredible Melting Man', although the special effects makeup in that picture was provided by the legendary Rick Baker - his first film? - and so is much better than anything in 'Street Trash'.

'Street Trash' is an excellent title, because trash is what this film is all about. Its milieu is grimy and bleak, and everything about the whole affair is inherently unclean. Oh yeah, I just remembered another memorable scene: a cop fights a man in a men's room, and beats him to the ground. Then the cop sticks two digits down his own throat and vomits upon the prone man! Pretty sick (excuse the pun)! This film also makes me think of John Waters in its examination of white trash, something Waters did with films such as 'Desperate Living' and 'Pink Flamingoes'. Like those flicks, 'Street Trash' serves up plenty of gross-out gags so, if that is what floats your boat in a movie, then you will certainly enjoy this. I hope 'Street Trash' has a huge cult following, and I suspect it does. And deservedly so.

When oh when oh WHEN is the DVD Special Edition going to be released?! I for one await it with great anticipation. By the way, if you do find this film, do not miss the song which plays over the end credits - very funny stuff! The last time I watched 'Street Trash' I was laughing because one of the bums reminded me of Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes fame. Sorry, Mr Robinson... no offence intended!

Reviewed by jjjjjjjjjjjjj-4 9 / 10

Second Best Horror/Comedy film ever! (9.5 out of ten)

During the late 80's I chanced to live in downtown San Francisco with more than 30 "alternative" theater screens within a 20 min. walk, including the theater in Nihomachi, where I saw (among many others) more than 25 Kurosawa films including DONZOKO, ie. Maxim Gorky's LOWER DEPTHS. Several years later when I moved away from such a bounty of film, I was left with only video rental stores (early 90's) where I discovered this film. If THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is a remake of SEVEN SAMURAI with sixguns; STREET TRASH is indeed a remake of DONZOKO with melting winos.

The point is not the melting winos or the sixguns; the point is the underlying style & feel of the films, especially in the handling of the many characters in the ensembles. By no means do I suggest that the actors are of the quality of such like Toshiro Mifune or Minoru Chiaki. In fact the nominal lead actors in STREET TRASH are truly awful. It is the minor characters that bring the movie to life. Tony Darrow & Jim Lorinz demonstrate comic genius with their interludes, but they are essentially outsiders. Also fun is the coroner scene, with horseradish sauce.

The street trash themselves are what brings the movie to life. When I traveled to Japan in the early 80's I observed the Japanese version of street trash, still living completely invisibly while in plain sight in the middle of Yokohama & Tokyo. We in the U.S. see our street trash little better than they do. We notice them with distaste & fear or superior sympathy. By giving "character" to the despised ala Kurosawa, Jim Muro & Roy Frumkes bring dignity & depth to their subjects, despite the disgusting lives of many of them. And even as disgusting as the worst of the trash are; there are normal characters who are as bad or worse; like Frank, the owner of the junkyard where the action takes place (a wonderful turn by Troma vet Pat Ryan). Or the police.

Make no mistake, horrible actions do take place in this film. Gang rape & necrophilia are mentioned in many of the reviews here for good reason. Unlike nearly all mainstream and horror films violence is not stylized. The movie does not flinch from looking at the actuality of human behavior. The fights are incredibly realistic in both style & effect on the participants. In many scenes, the characters are speaking what they feel rather than what they are expected to say in that situation. Some people do behave like animals when placed in such situation. Worse, some like Bill the Cop & Bronson act like human beings.

I was especially impressed by the primal nature of the man to man relationships in this film. In the scene where Bill the Cop confronts Tony Darrow's character in his limo after beating the Hit-man to death & inducing emesis; you can smell the testosterone and hear the brain cells die. The seething frustration leads to his premature & hence fatal encounter with the ultimate Alpha ape, Bronson, an acting tour de force by Vic Noto worthy of Brando at his prime.

Most Horror films are fantastic (not in the sense of great). Despite the fantasy of its nominal main theme of melting winos, STREET TRASH is bound to the ugly reality of its characters.

The best horror films & stories always have much more to say than the fear or horror alone. Many help us face our own mortality & fears. Some are wonderful love stories like Peter Jackson's DEAD ALIVE, the only horror comedy I find superior to STREET TRASH. The love story here is, like THE LOWER DEPTHS, the love of breathing, the love of waking up alive, even if it's in a "merde"hole. Not melting down some damn toilet like Elvis.

The DVD has a couple of extra scenes added to the VHS release, but sadly no commentary.

Reviewed by galaxy2069 10 / 10

Most Notorious Melt Movie Must Be Viewed By All

Street Trash (1987) deserves 10+ stars for its movie poster art alone - a splashy and grossly exaggerated masterpiece of a poisoned wino melting and flushing himself down a crusty warehouse toilet. The movie itself is cheap, sleazy, vile, disgusting, florescent, stinky, slimy, perverse, insane, and retarded...which is why it must be viewed by everyone. You must watch this movie.

Street Trash personified the essence of crappy, late 80's horror slop, but also achieved legendary status within hip underground horror circles. What drew me to the movie were the colorful images of the make-up and special effects that gleamed from the pages of Fangoria and GoreZone Magazine. This is truly one-of-a-kind cinema and resides in the outer realms of art-house oddities/gore flicks. They certainly don't make 'em like this anymore!

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