Sudden Impact


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Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan
Camryn Manheim as Girl in Elevator
Sondra Locke as Jennifer Spencer
Pat Hingle as Chief Jannings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10

Harry Meets The Worst Woman Since Ann Savage

The fourth in the "Dirty Harry" series, this film features one of the most despicable, ugliest, unlikable, profane, disgusting females I have ever seen on film: "Ray Perkins," played by Audrie Neenan. She is the modern nasty low-life version of the 1945 "Detour" character, "Ann Savage."

Her foul mouth and gutter attitude turned me off so much I never watched this film again until I acquired a profanity filter which shut her up....and least some of her! Then I could enjoy the rest of the movie.

Everywhere "Harry Callahan" (Clint Eastwood) goes, violence immediately follows.....within minutes! It happens so often it's almost laughable but it makes for a fast-moving, entertaining film with a satisfying ending as all the scumbag villains are eliminated one-by-one.

This is a very sophomoric film that appeals to our base instincts.....and connects, sad to say. Most of us like to see these dirtballs get it in the end, and who does it better than Dirty Harry?

Reviewed by garthbarnes-62014 2 / 10

Sudden Nausea

Spoilers Ahead:

Yes, it is better than THE DEAD POOL, but that is not saying much. Ugly, that is the first word that comes to mind. What an ugly, gory, gross out, piece of crap. Let's grant the shaky morality of returning murder for rape. I will not go there. It is certainly debatable. The film glories in head and genital bullet shots. Yes, I love seeing bullets into heads; it makes my day. First, when you shoot someone in the head it is not that nice; see brains and blood fly all over in a lovely gore explosion. Think of an exploding watermelon. The film desensitizes the costs of violence; it is all neat and clean. Neelan's performance is without equal in the most gross, disgusting character even depicted on screen. Look, I am sullied after wading though the sewage that is modern film; this, even though made in 1983, is flat out disgusting.

It is full of cringe worthy moments, yes the make my day scene is one of them. First, if his reflexes were any slower they could have painted a mural waiting for the old geezer to pull his piece. In real life he would have been riddled with bullet holes before grandpa even got the piece out. How about the romance between him and the 25 years younger Locke, yuuuuuch! Please, at least it was off camera. He arrives in a small town and there is a robbery right in front of him what a coincidence. The whole shooting up the mafia enforcers, yes now there was a realistic scene. Look how far down from DIRTY HARRY we have come? Even THE ENFORCER was a masterpiece compared to this. Sondra Locke was one of the most beautiful actresses of the 1980's but she could never act. Psycho boy gets old very fast.

When Sondra said her lines, in my theater in 1983, people were laughing. Again, watching her tool about shooting men and one women in the genitals and the head just is not my idea of a good time. Instead of the great Harry Guardino, we get some faceless, bad acting stand in. This really was close to the nadir for the Dirty Harry franchise. Sondra took out the monkey movies with her abysmal singing which makes her acting seem like Bette Davis. She is on screen here way to long and her acting wrecks the movie. The supporting cast is just awful. Pat Hingle is the only actor among them. The film is unrelentingly non stop violence, gross out dialogue and really ugly imagery. If you enjoy some bad acting tart driving around shooting men in the genitals and head, this is the film for you. Again, the morality is quite dubious. We revoked the death penalty for rape about 50 years ago. BRING A BARF BAG AND A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES.

Reviewed by anxietyresister 6 / 10

Fourth Dirty Harry entry changes the formula to a darker, character-driven style.... interesting but not wholly successful.

A rape victim is going around, bumping off her attackers one by one, having been denied justice originally. A rather unconventional detective, Callahan is put on the case.. but whose side will he take?

This is one of the most brutal films I've seen in quite some time. Virtually every scene seems to be a set-up for some punks to make the mistake of annoying our hero, who then proceeds to beat the living daylights out of them, or simply blows their heads off. I am 100% convinced that if any serving officer did what the Eastwood character gets away with in this film, he would not only be stripped of his badge, but also be looking at a considerable stretch in prison. Another striking aspect of the picture is the violence used against the fairer sex. The female cast members get punched in the face, kicked when on they're on the ground.. And that doesn't even include the constant flashbacks we get of Sondra Locke's sexual assault ordeal (We get one every time she carries out one of her revenge attacks on her aggressors). The misogyny displayed on screen is incredible and is unlikely to endear itself to anyone concerned about domestic violence.

So why am I recommending it? Well for a start, the film is well directed, with some very exciting gunfights and car chases which will keep you on the edge of your seat. But the main reason for watching is Clint himself, the evergreen icon giving us another classy performance as a veteran cop who might not share the ethics of the modern police force, but tends to do the job 10x better than his colleagues who do it all 'by the book'. If only we had someone like that here in Britain, perhaps this country wouldn't be the crime hotspot it is these days.. 6/10

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