Summer in February


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance


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Emily Browning as Florence Carter Wood
Dan Stevens as Gilbert Evans
Dominic Cooper as AJ Munnings
Hattie Morahan as Laura Knight
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by automin-714-451528 9 / 10


Having read the book several times, to see the film was an absolute 'must'. It would have been difficult to adapt the whole story to screen, particularly into 100 minutes, the consequence of which, those who have not read the book may not easily grasp the real intricacies and make-up of some of the characters. However, it is a beautiful film, beautifully made. The music and the photography contribute in a magical but powerful way and all the actors play their characters superbly. It was obviously made with passion. It is a haunting and heartbreaking story, one that can be thought provoking. "Summer In February" is an emotional journey, but certainly one worth taking. I intend to see it again soon. Very soon.

Reviewed by Jimmy-w 10 / 10

Excellent film. Beautifully acted and shot.

I thought this film was fantastic. It was beautiful to watch and seriously tore at the heart strings. I'm not particularly into art or horses but I loved it and I imagine if you are into art or horses, you'll be bowled over. Where I wasn't particularly keen on Dominic Cooper before, in this he had me completely invested. I think the star of the film however has to be Hattie Morahan. She had so much life in her portrayal of Laura Knight and she had me completely captivated from the beginning. Dan Stevens and Emily Browning were also good and there was a fascinating chemistry sparking off between all three leads. There's something for everyone here. Takes a bit of warming up from the beginning but I came out of the cinema buzzing. Go see.

Reviewed by zombiebird 2 / 10


This was billed as a period romance, but in reality all it really is is a bunch of people roaming about the British seaside in 1913 with some art and poetry thrown in. The story is so weak and predictable and the characters are so bland even the most ardent Romance lover will end up disappointed. As far as the acting goes, Dominic Cooper is just horrible, and Dan Stevens is duller than cardboard, Emily Browning however, is thankfully somewhat better. I know the story here is based on real life events, and so calling it "weak" might not sound very just, but I feel that it is, for even if they were dealing with common themes and stories they could have at least tried to make them more interesting or even engaging, but sadly they don't. The only good part about it is that you get really beautiful views of the English seaside, so, in short, watch this is you really really really want to spend some time on the English seaside.

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