Super Troopers


Action / Comedy / Crime / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 81314


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Lynda Carter as Governor Jessman
Brian Cox as Captain O'Hagan
Geoffrey Arend as College Boy 3
Marisa Coughlan as Ursula
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mike Kinsella (kinsellamj) 10 / 10

future classic

Super Troopers? Never heard of it. Then I saw it. Then I hit play again and watched it twice in a row. Sitting in an Airbase in Turkey, I knew I had found what would be our number one "cruise flick." The movie that all the officers of Fighting VAQ-134, could watch together, then spend the next few weeks quoting. One guy even got a callsign, "Farva." Perfect. There is a lot of great material to chew on all through the movie. The rivalry, pranks, and rookie bashing are things we cherish. And we can all relate to having that one guy around who drives you crazy. Many of my peers have already purchased the movie. And we have incorporated many of the quotes into our cinematically based lingo.

My recommendation is to grab a bunch of friends, maybe some cold beverages, and have a good time. You just may want to become a Highway Patrolman.

Reviewed by grizzlor ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Forget what that other guy says.

Super Troopers LOOKS stupid but came through in the clutch with solid laughs from this comedy team.

I'm not going to use some lame rating system like the other guy used but I will say this: IT IS BETTER THAN THOSE MOVIES HE MENTIONED.

Super Troopers combines solid physical comedy with surprisingly solid comedy writing. Its by no means a classic, but it is very worth sitting around with some friends, smacking a few beers and checking out this flick.

I was surprised by the hilarity of this movie, hopefully you will too.

Reviewed by Robert L. Besgrove 10 / 10

Biting Satire of Cops, Drugs and Highway Mayhem! Awesome!

The ensemble cast in this film takes the just above average drug humor and turns it into a laugh festival. I rate this movie as funny as Animal House.

The Local Highway Troopers are hapless, hopeless, and not anyone you want on YOUR highway, but man are they funny! You truly find yourself loving this crew as they struggle to keep their station open in the face of budget cuts.

The characters are so widely diverse yet so believable from the ethnically questionable leader of the crew Arkot Ramathorne (Thorny) whose girlfriend runs a head shop to the adorable and insane Mack whose wild stunts steal the show on a regular basis.

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