Superman/Batman: Apocalypse


Action / Adventure / Animation / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
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Summer Glau as Kara / Supergirl
Tim Daly as Superman / Clark Kent
Edward Asner as Granny Goodness
Tara Strong as Female Radio Caller #2 / Lashina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xamtaro 7 / 10

Apokolips NOW

The Superman/Batman comic stories' main attraction has always been the character interplay. How the two famous superheroes, different in every aspect like oil and water, lend their perspective on similar situations and in the end, pull together for the greater good. In that respect, "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" does not disappoint as Superman, Batman and even Wonder Woman bring their unique personalities to the table when they face their latest little "problem".

The "problem" in question is the unexpected arrival of Kara Zor-El (Summer Glau), Superman's cousin who crash lands to earth, disoriented, unclothed but unhurt and lost in Gotham. In perhaps an intentional homage to Glau's previous Terminator character in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", She "procures" a coat from a trio of overly eager warehouse workers, but not before almost accidentally killing them. The unintentional destruction she causes while trying to flee from the cops alerts both Batman and Superman who take her into their custody. While Superman is overjoyed at finally meeting a fellow survivor of his home planet, Batman is skeptical and naturally suspicious (she did trash Gotham without even trying). More trouble follows when Superman tries to get Kara assimilated into earth culture but Wonder Woman has other plans for her as she too fears Kara's lack of control over her powers. But on the burning planet of Apokolips, the dreaded DarkSeid has his sights on the young kryptonian girl to be the latest addition to his warriors. What follows is a perilous incursion into Darkseid's palace with one deadly confrontation after another with the forces of Apokolips.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse adapts the "Supergirl" story arc (NOT "Death of Superman" as another review mistakenly pointed out) of the Superman/Batman comic series by Jeph Loeb and the late Michael Turner. It is a rather faithful adaptation barring a few changes here and there and as such shares both the good points and the shortcomings of its source material. For one thing, the story proceeds at a rather fast pace, which is good as it keeps things from getting boring. However that means the time frame of the tale is difficult to follow. For example Kara was supposed to have been training with the Amazons for a few months but it seemed like only yesterday. We only know about the time skip thanks to some mandatory exposition.

Rather than its truncated story, it is the snappy character interplay, well written dialog and a top notch cast of actors that carry this show. Tim Daley, Kevin Conroy and Susan Eisenberg return comfortably to their DCAU roles of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Everyone else is perfectly cast, especially Summer Glau, lending much emotional weight and realism to the characters. The only role that did not seem to fit as well was Andre Braugher's unmistakably African American sounding DarkSied. The tone of voice was right but a more neutral accent would have fit better.

Judging from the way the characters are handled, the target audience is most definitely long time fans who are already familiar with the personalities of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. That is because the "DC trinity" get little character development here, allowing Supergirl to take most of the development spotlight. That is not to say that the main trio do not get their chance to shine. Their differing views on life clash often and shed some light on their inner natures. There is even a dramatic comparison between Batman and one of the villains regarding Batman's code of ethics.

Viewers who have watched the previous "Superman/Batman: Public enemies" can treat this as a sequel despite the differing art styles. As the previous movie replicated Ed McGuinness's muscular look, this one manages to translate Michael Turner's bold designs barring a slight drop in art detail. The animation by "MOI Animation" is very fluid with no visible short cuts and a high frame rate.

For DC animation fans, readers who loved the Superman/Batman comics and superhero action junkies, "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" would no doubt be a hit. More time could have gone into letting the story "breath" a little or making it a smart anecdote about growing up, stepping out from under a overprotective sibling/parent's shadow and finding one's place in the world. But no point lamenting what it could have been. Rather, enjoy it for what it is.

Reviewed by levitak 10 / 10

A truly amazing movie (especially for casual fans)

I am not a comic book fan. I have enjoyed watching series like the Justice League and of course the other animated movies but I have never bothered with comics. This perhaps one of the reason why for me this movie is the best animated one till now

The previous movies(except maybe for the Wonder Women one which I also found quite interesting albeit not as alluring as this one) shot your right into the middle of the action and frankly a lot of the movies focused on the near worship of Superman and Batman. Don't get me wrong the characters are good but maybe because I am not a comic book fan they get boring fast. I was really starved for some new material. Seeing another hero rise up

And this movie delvers it. We follow the journey of Kara aka Supergirl (voiced excellently by the amazing Summer Glau )from her landing to Earth to the point where finds herself and her place in life. The story is great and the action well placed. And while the story centers around Supergirl we also get to see Superman,Batman and Wonder Woman shine on their own. They compliment the story excellently.

Not to forget that while the story itself is truly great the action doesn't leave you wanting either. They are some great fight scenes each perfectly showing the abilities and strength of the characters.

Overall I would highly recommend this movie to everybody and I really hope we get to see another movie centered around Supergirl. She is a character with a lot of potential

Reviewed by Argemaluco 9 / 10

A great experience

As an avid reader of comics, I have a huge respect for the brilliant author Jack Kirby (1917-1994), whose work for Marvel produced some of the most memorable characters and stories from sequential art.However, even though it may sound heretic, I do not feel the same love for the complex mythologies Kirby created to DC Comics.I honestly never swallowed the stories about the "New Gods", because I found the characters not to be very well developed, not to mention that the stories were confusing.So, I started watching Superman/Batman: Apocalypse with some mistrust, because big part of the graphic novel it is inspired on (a compilation of the title Superman/Batman) has some similarities with the work Kirby made to DC Comics.To my surprise, screenwriter Tab Murphy made an excellent work at tuning the narrative and compressing the action in order to bring a dynamic, tremendously entertaining and even deep film experience.

The main target from Superman/Batman: Apocalypse are the comic readers, so it does not loose any time at establishing the origins of every characters, or explaining the relationships between them.So, I understand why the casual spectators may have difficulties at "plunging" into the movie.

Personally, I hugely enjoyed Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and I think that, with the exception of Justice League: The New Frontier, it is the movie from DC Comics I have mist enjoyed.Besides of the screenplay, the characters and the awesome action scenes, it was also a pleasure for me to hear the classic voices from Superman and Batman (in other words, the ones which were used in their respective animated series), as well as the solid contributions from Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, Andre Braugher as Darkseid and Summer Glau as Kara Zor-El.

The only fail I found on this movie is that some details from the screenplay could have been better polished.But despite of that, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is a great movie I enthusiastically recommend with the previous warning that the lack of context and explanations may make it a bit difficult to be assimilated by casual spectators.

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