Support Your Local Gunfighter


Action / Comedy / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 4095


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James Garner as Latigo
Chuck Connors as 'Swifty' Morgan
Joan Blondell as Jenny
Suzanne Pleshette as Patience
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by n_oflash 8 / 10

Very Funny

Garner's wonderful in this spoof, which is a follow-up to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF. Still, this film has more than enough merits of its own. The humor after all these years still holds up, & it's one that needs to be viewed again & again. It's as fresh now as it was then.

Reviewed by (silversurfer_umit) 7 / 10

Sunday Morning Western Comedy

This is a comedy western movie but it is a different one because there is not much fight or gunfight in it. This is very sympathetic movie also funny in some scenes.

Our hero is a new yorker guy that steals women money with charming them. He comes to west city but he doesn't like the west and the guns, horses and etc. People in this city thinks he is a hired famous gunman, he uses this identity. This is the general subject of the movie.

Acting is good for a comedy movie, there is also romance and this is a plus for this one. I liked this movie and enjoyed when watching but if you look for a classic movie don't look at this one. I watched this one at a Sunday morning.

Reviewed by jeff-403 8 / 10

funny send-up

Not a sequel,but a companion piece to Support Your Local Sheriff,and a very funny spoof in it's own right.The cast underplayed it beautifully(not like todays hit you over the head variety).A special mention to Jack Elam,who had me in stitches.He was the master of the false bravado.Oldtime western fans will love it.

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