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Milla Jovovich as Kate Abbott
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Dylan McDermott as Sam Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 4 / 10


Under the guardianship of the Wachowski siblings, director James McTeigue made the excellent V for Vendetta and the very entertaining Ninja Assassin. However, on his own, his career considerably decreased with the mediocre The Raven, and more recently, the awful Survivor. And the worst thing of all is that Survivor counted with some ingredients for a solid action film: good actors and enough money to shoot in various countries and bring a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the film. Unfortunately, those elements are wasted due to a bad screenplay with no rhyme or reason. Or maybe, the fault was mine for having expected a dynamic and stylized film from McTeigue, supported by two solid actors (Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich) in the leading roles. Instead of that, I found a bad episode of Covert Affairs (I even feel I'm insulting it; my apologies to the fans of that series). It wasn't a bad idea to focus on the proceedings of an embassy; however, the logic of the screenplay of Survivor (let's not even talk about credibility) immediately crumbles when the affair of the visa unleashes a major assault whose only result is drawing the attention to the terrorists' plan. And things go from bad to worse when we find out the fact that said plan makes no sense, besides of the fact it could easily be avoided if the heroin didn't make such absurd decisions while she tries to solve everything on her own. On the other hand, we have "the best assassin in the world" with an awful aiming and null physical aptitude. And the least I say about the "tense" conclusion developed in a huge public event with one million of people, the better. And don't expect to find the attractive visual style displayed by McTeigue in V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin; Survivor never overcomes the appearance of a TV movie. I wish McTeigue better luck with his next film; I just hope he hasn't missed the telephone number of the Wachowski siblings.

Reviewed by admtech69 6 / 10

So many good ingredients but the flavour is bland...

I was really looking forward to this film, Director James McTeigue had made me an instant fan with "V for Vendetta".

Pierce Brosnan did an admirable job with the material that he was given, evoking the same ice cold villain persona that he had perfected in such films as "The Fourth Protocol" and "Don't Talk to Strangers".

Milla Jovovich is a decent actress but much of her role involves reacting to situations with close ups of shock/surprise. It was not a good fit.

Supporting actors including Robert Forster and Angela Basset round out the impressive cast but they are largely wasted.

I see 2 main issues with this film:

1) The storyline is very clichéd, especially the predictable 3rd act and much of the dialogue is very stilted. 2) The CGI in many parts is sub par and takes you out of your suspension of disbelief.

Having said all this, I still found it to be a competent thriller worth watching with these caveats.

Reviewed by (HorrorFanForever) 8 / 10

A Brutal Thriller!.

I really enjoyed this film I thought it was Faced paced and entertaining and I liked the story. Milla Jovovich was good in the lead role and she gave a very good performance. I like this woman as an actress she has been good in most films she has stared in and this Film is one of her best performances without a doubt. Milla Plays A Foreign Service Officer in London and she tries to stop a terrorist attack but she gets set up and people Think that she's guilty. Pierce Bronson was great as the Main bad guy he plays a very Nasty and vicious criminal and he played it very well.

I will talk about the films good points first then it's bad points and there are not many bad ones. The good points are definitely the cinematography I thought the cinematography was great and the views of all the city's were breathtaking and nice to look at,it also reminded me just how Nice London really is. The Director of photography did a great job filming the movie,a Lot of his shots are interesting. The Camera work was very good and the whole film was shot well I also saw no shaky camera during the fight scenes which was good since I don't like that.

The Film also has a very Dark and Gritty Atmosphere throughout which I Liked.I have also noticed that most British thrillers usually are Dark and Gritty and I like that Atmosphere in a Film.The Film was very Engaging and I never got board by it I was hooked all the way through. The Acting was pretty good from everyone Especially Milla Pierce and Dylan McDermott I thought those three were the stand outs. I Like Dylan Milla and Pierce as actors and I thought Dylan's speech about doing the right thing and believing in people and never giving up on them was very good. Dylan definitely plays a cool and likable guy and he was about the only character that stood by Milla's Character and believed she was innocent and I liked that he stood by her it made you like the guy,well I did at least.

The story to the film may not be original but I still found it interesting it's story is similar to the Movie Fugitive only this Film had a much Darker Atmosphere. The film also has good music it's music that fits the film like a glove so I give a big kudos to the music composers. The Director of Photography also deserves a lot of credit for his filming style I found his style visually captivating and that's probably what kept me hooked on the film. The Director himself also deserves credit as I thought the actors were well directed I also liked the locations used in the film,there were a lot of pretty interesting Locations.

The Writer also deserves Credit because I thought he wrote a good script,was it Brilliant no but it was Good enough to hold my attention and keep me watching. The Main story is about a man who wants Revenge Against America because of something Bad that happened to his Wife in the Past and This Lunatic wants to blow up that country and Milla Travels to America to try and stop him.Pierce Chases Milla and he tries to kill her throughout the whole Film in some intense scenes.The Film has about 4 Bad Guys but Pierce Bronson Always seemed like the Main bad Guy that's probably because he was The Nastiest and most Reckless guy in the film. The Film has very good chase scenes and Milla has a few fights with Pierce that I thought were good especially the Ending Fight the Ending fight was probably their best fight I thought it was very Brutal.

Now Getting to the Bad points to the film there are not many. The Film is not the Most original but who cares about Originality if your Entertained right?. I Will admit The Film could have had a few more Action scenes or fist fights but that's only a tiny problem because for the most part I was Entertained by the story and characters and when the Action did happen it was good. I will admit the Story was also a bit far fetched and a couple of scenes were Ridiculous but I can let things like that slide if I'm enjoying a Film and I immensely Enjoyed this Film it was always moving it was always interesting I liked the story and there were some Thrilling chase scenes that I liked too. Overall I Liked the Film I'd say it was Good but not Great and it entertained me enough to give it a pass and I recommend The Film to people who like Chase Films This is one of the Better Ones.

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