Suspension of Disbelief


Action / Thriller

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Melia Kreiling as Juliette
Sebastian Koch as Martin
Lotte Verbeek as Therese / Angelique
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karmaswimswami 3 / 10

Not among Figgis's better films

"Suspension of Disbelief" never suspends ours. Figgis fans will recognize many delightful Figgis narrative and cinematographic tropes, but sorely lacking is any narrative lure, any reason to keep watching. The film has ellipsis and mystery, but does not reward the viewer for countenancing those. At times the story elaboration is positively dreary. Even this film's meta-film leitmotif cannot salvage it. The film struggles with a paucity of narrative richness, and is devoid of the incandescent impending gleam so often to be found in Figgis's other films, most of which are marvelous. This flop is the exception that proves the rule that Figgis is Britain's best auteur.

Reviewed by halfwind ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Exciting arty pastiche makes you wonder

15 September 2013 / by Bart (Amsterdam/Holland)

Nothing Personal but so far I find the rating of this film rather low. The cause may be that it requires some effort and a tiny bit of insight from the viewer. On top of that: this is an independent production and it is no straight 'Thriller'. Mike Figgis even provides us with a manual right from the start. Martin (Sebastian Koch) is a socialite screenwriter and teacher who gets intrigued by a beautiful French woman (Lotte Verbeek) gone missing in London. But she's part of an identical twin … So here we are right on the spot: 'Suspension of Disbelief'. Although presented as a thriller, the film heavily leans on the insights of Carl Jung. The wary film noir interludes and erotic touches to this film are cleverly shot and edited as they precisely fit this theme (and the sheer beauty of my fellow citizen). The average viewer will find this movie fairly enjoyable, great Leads, good script and pitch perfect music (Jazzy Figgis, Wagner, Radiohead). But no real sex, no fast pace and a strange, confusing end. The lives of others however will be mesmerized by the gradually emerging different realities and the big question mark at the end.

Reviewed by Boloxxxi 3 / 10

You will need to suspend your disbelief that this movie is interesting to watch it.

About a woman who disappears after attending a party at a writer's house. The police begin an investigation and later the woman turns up dead. Their attention is on the writer. Shortly after, the woman's sister shows up; the exact "twin" of her sister. The writer and his actress daughter offer the woman lodgings at their house for the duration of her stay. The woman accepts. The rest of the movie is about the tension and attraction between the writer and the woman because they are suspicious of each other. As well, later on, some interplay and tension between the mysterious and provocative house guest and the writer's actress daughter who seems easily influenced, "sexually" anyway.

This claustrophobic story takes place mostly indoors and for the most part in the writer's house --and car. It's all talk, and no action. No one gets punched, shot, stabbed, or even f!!cked. Almost 2 hours of "conversation drama" I'm calling it. I suppose this could work if the conversation was interesting. Perhaps witty and funny. Alas, no. This is a movie, I believe, that is best watched in "15 minute dosages" like a serial soap opera. More than that and you may periodically have to check your heart to see if it's still beating. Yes, dull. Very dull. The "twist" of this movie that's supposed to make it innovative and interesting, I guess, is that the plot, as I described it above, is also something the writer has written. So his fictional story is actually happening with him in it. --Or is it? Who knows, who cares. Love, Boloxxxi.

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