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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Day II 2 / 10

Missing More Than The E

I should have known this would be miserable. And it was. The clue was the pretentious missing E but I actress was kind of hot and...well...I'm an idiot.

Jill and Adam live in the stereotypical "art space" that their parents probably pay for. They have a lot of sex and talk about "art". That's the extent of their relationship and about the only part of the movie that works. Adam finds an abandoned hospital and shows it to Jill. OOH! They can use it an an ART SPACE!. If you can get past the ridiculousness of this you have more tolerance than I.

They wander around making plans. Jill, in a clue to how much thought she put into her art, says she can just sign the garbage lying around and that's art. They find a room with a strap-down table. Adam straps Jill down and leaves her there for...well, we don't know how long, and she's assaulted by some spirit. Adam come back. They have sex until Jill's nose literally bleeds. Good job, Adam! They get freaked out, leave the building and...ruh-roh! - her car's getting towed away! Of all the BAD LUCK. They call for a ride from a friend who shows up with her dickish boyfriend.

And decide to go back in the building because it worked out so well the first time.

An hour later, the movie ends.

If you like movies where the characters actively work against their own self- interests simply because of the script and lack any kind of logic at all (the water, power and video equipment in hospital all still work) then you'll love this. If, however, you need even a hint of reality to your suspense, don't waste your time.

Reviewed by Brandon Lewis 8 / 10

Really good. No clue why the rating is so low

I love any and all things horror and found footage stuff is always worth a look for me. Since this was free to watch (look around), I figured I would do one of those 10 minute run throughs. Watch the first scene, fast forward looking for good parts, back up if I hit one, and then watch the ending. I ended up watching the whole damn thing. Quite liked it. It's no Grave Encounters, but it's worth a watch for sure. 9 times out of 10, if the IMDb reviews suck..they're usually spot on. Completely disagree here. Some of the bad reviews seem to be from people who don't even like found footage in the first place. Not sure why they posted here. I'd definitely recommend it though. Good stuff. Rate it 8/10 on a horror movie scale.

Reviewed by Poptart_Psycho 3 / 10

Another Found Footage Disappointment

I have mentioned in my other reviews that found footage isn't my favourite in the horror genre only a few I liked, but I feel this one is too cliché and predictable. It flows of many other similar style films.

Saying that is does have a few good things going for it, the lead actress is very attractive and the couple had a very wild side which maybe could of been explored more? Its only when 2 new characters were brought in the first half hour was okay.

So the plot.., We start of seeing a woman being interviewed by detectives explaining her partner has died, then it shows Los Angeles artist Jill having her life videoed by partner Alex, the couple have a very sexual manor and nothing is too extreme. Alx tells Jill he has the perfect place for an artshow, an old institute for bad women. Wanting to look inside Jill goes in and find some disturbing things. Regardless of what they found Jill straps herself to a gurney and Alex insists on making a sex tape... After jokingly leaving her for a few minutes it turns to disaster an angry ghost unknowingly takes over her.

This is when the movie goes downhill... the couple leave after being shaken up but bump into friends Bobby (a flirty womaniser who wants Jill) and his partner Ellie. The film turns into more macho trying to get Jills attention ignoring the fact shes possessed.

The ending isn't so bad I wont give that away but I guess that makes the movie somewhat redeemable

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