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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChrisTreborn 8 / 10

Hmm.. I have memories.

I first saw this movie years back when I was on 6.th grade or something. Well, till now I remember some of the things from this movie.

T-Force (Spoilers******)

Inspired from the Terminator movies, director Richard Pepin tells the sci-fi story of some kind of Robots (much like T-800 series) used by the government. When there is any highly critical condition like terrorist attacks or hostage situation the cops used to call the help of T-Force. It includes 4 or 5 members including a lady robot (Yahe, she's pretty!) But things one day get messed up when the Robots take up on their own charges. They begin a new war against the authorities resulting a bunch of actions, gun fights, and shoot outs. Who will win the war, watch out T-Force!

Yahe it's a low stage action films that came up with the ideas of Terminator, the smash hit of that times. But hey it has some cool visions from the writers Jacobsen Hart and Lenore Kletter one which shows virtual realistic girlfriend (yahe it was first seen on Total Recall, but this one really worked), that was later copied to Arnold's Sixth day. Also one unforgettable scene is the love making of Robots, huh Jennifer MacDonald (I really searched madly to find her name) make that scene unforgettable! Go and watch the movie for some lag in time.

T-Force = A memorable movie.

Reviewed by mergatroid-1 3 / 10

Sure ain't the worst movie out there

The future.

Cyborgs used as advances swat teams but their decision making skills are not up to snuff.

Civilians get killed.

Cyborgs ordered to be dismantled.

Cyborgs say 'FU' (they didn't get their Laws of Robotics quite right) Three of four cyborgs decide self preservation comes before obeying authority.

Three cyborgs run away, killing everything in their path, and decide the Law is corrupt and must be destroyed.

Loner cop (Scalia) teams up with the only boot licker (uh, I mean, obedient) cyborg to take out the evil cyborgs.

This is a low budget cop scifi romp, and it shows. I wouldn't recommend this movie, however if I was bored and it came on TV I might not change the channel unless there was something better on (like the Paint Drying Channel).

They do try and ask some interesting moral questions, but this ain't no I Robot. However, the babe cyborg is HOT. AND, the best part of the movie, Erin Gray stars as the Mayor. She is SO hot, even trying to be a stuffy know-it-all politician. She can roast my weenie any time!!!

Reviewed by MetalGeek 5 / 10

A collection of Spare Parts...

The early to mid-1990s were the golden age of the Straight To Video Flick. Scores of low budget labels like A-Pix, Empire Entertainment, Vidmark Entertainment, and many others released floods of made-for-VHS junk into local video stores on a regular basis, mainly in the action, sci-fi, erotic thriller, and horror genres. Many of them were quickly forgotten, but these movies are old enough now that they're starting to turn up again on bargain-priced compilations to be discovered by an all new generation of B-Movie masochists (i.e. me). ....Which brings us to 1994's T-FORCE.

"T-Force" was a totally unoriginal B-Movie, but boy, was it whole lot of fun while it lasted. In fact, it's not just a movie, it's a never ending game of "Guess what (more successful) movie they ripped this scene off from!"

Our story: we're sometime in the "near" future (so the filmmakers can get away with still using then-current automobiles, fashions, and technology along with a few token "futuristic" touches) and humanity's life has been made easier thanks to the creation of "Cybernauts," which are human-looking robots ("Terminator" anyone?) designed to perform menial tasks (i.e. chauffeurs, cooks, maids, etc.) for us. A group of these Cybernauts have been programmed to perform law enforcement duties (paging "RoboCop!"), for missions that are too dangerous for human cops. Due to the lethal nature in which they carry out their orders, these robots have been dubbed the "Terminal Force" or "T-Force" for short.

In the opening scene, which is ripped straight out of "Die Hard", a group of terrorists (they're even led by a guy with a goatee and a British accent!) have taken hostages inside of an L.A. skyscraper, and T-Force is called in. The Cybernauts make short work of the terrorists, but unfortunately they kill a couple of the innocent hostages as well. Thie causes the Mayor of L.A. (former "Buck Rogers" hottie Erin Gray, still holding up well at this point) to demand that the robots be shut down. Unfortunately, these self aware Cybernauts decide that they aren't ready to die yet (shades of "Blade Runner!") so they go "rogue," escaping into the city and blowin' a whole lotta stuff up. First they exact revenge on the police force (in perhaps the most audacious ripoff of the entire film, the famous "Police Station Shootout" scene from "The Terminator" is borrowed practically frame-for-frame! Have these people no shame??) and head towards their Numero Uno target, Mayor Erin Gray. At this point, Jack Scalia (former '80s TV soap opera hunk and '90s direct-to-video mainstay), a hard drinking, robot-hating human cop, gets partnered up with "Cain," the lone Cybernaut who stayed on the "good" side of the law (I guess he's the only one who studied the First Law of Robotics), and the mismatched pair drive around in Jack's beat-up Cadillac (do I smell me some "48 HRS."?) for the rest of the movie, dodging bullets and explosions on their way to shutting down the cyber-threats. Naturally, Scalia's character has a romantic past with Erin Gray's Mayor, which lends the necessary amount of urgency in their efforts to save the hot chick.

Yes, it's goofy as hell, and the acting is pretty much terrible throughout. Scalia is in low-rent Bruce Willis mode for the entire movie, i.e. all smirk and no bite, and the actors playing the robots act...well...robotic.

However, "T-Force" was filled with enough wall-to-wall shoot-em-up/blow-em-up action sequences that you can almost forgive the ultra-cheesy presentation. Whatever the small budget was for this movie, it looks they must've spent about three quarters of it on large-caliber ammunition and TNT.

If that ain't enough for you, there are numerous gratuitous boob shots (unfortunately none of said boobs belong to Erin Gray; if they did, this flick's rating would've shot up a few extra points) and all in all "T-Force" kept me entertained, even if it was kinda for all the wrong reasons. Insomniac action fans might want to give it a spin, as long as they're not too picky.

It should be noted, by the way, that this film has no connection whatsoever with the "Mr. T. and the T-Force" comic book series, which was being published at around the same time (early 90s.) That is kind of a shame, because if Mr. T. had been involved with this movie, he definitely woulda brought the PAIN to them robotic fools.

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