Tales from the Crypt



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Joan Collins as Joanne Clayton
Peter Cushing as Arthur Edward Grimsdyke
Roy Dotrice as Charles Gregory
Ralph Richardson as The Crypt Keeper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ClassixFan 10 / 10

Ghoulish Fun

Amicus Studios, best known for their anthology films nailed it with this effort from 1972. With five solid stories to chill your bones, this anthology is one of my favorite films, bar none. The film is packed with a solid cast that includes; Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, Ian Hednry and Richard Greene, just to name a few. My personal faves from this anthology would be; All Through the House, Poetic Justice and Wish You Were Here, but all five stories are really well done. The Peter Cushing story is particularly touching, Cushing does a wonderful job of playing a sad man, mourning the death of his wife, in his story, which very much paralleled Cushing's own life, as he was still in mourning over the recent loss of his own wife. If you're a fan of the macabre, then you owe it to yourself to seek this 1972 film out, it is quite tame by today's standards as far as blood and gore go, but the chill factor is definitely there.

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

Very good horror anthology by specialist company Amicus

The early 70's were golden years for the British horror industry… Hammer produced their last goodies, while there was another company who specialized in making the so-called `horror-omnibuses'… During a reign of approximately 10 years, Amicus brought forward anthologies going from nearly brilliant (The House that Dripped Blood) to very bad (The Monster Club). Tales From the Crypt surely belongs to their greatest achievements as well and it guarantees an hour and a half of delightful horror entertainment. Five stories are presented to us, and at least four of them have an above average quality level. (Sir) Ralph Richardson appears as the host. Disguised as the Cryptkeeper, he shows the unfortunate dead of 5 people who descended into his vault…

The film is based on a fifties comic book success formula, which also resulted in a popular spin-off series in the early nineties. The protagonists are always doomed and these tales show their regress into death… Each of the stories has its own, unique setting and atmosphere and, together, they cover pretty much all the favorite horror topics. Yet, 5 stories is a little exaggerated and therefore aren't fully elaborated…

Especially the first story suffers from its own shortness…It involves a bitchy woman (a stunningly beautiful Joan Collins) who kills her husband, but finds herself trapped in her house while an escaped lunatic lurks through the windows. This first story is pretty bloody and tense, and I wish it had been a little longer (if it were only to look at Collins some more…). The second story by far is the worst of them all and I feel they should have left this one out. The storyline has nothing new to offer and the acting is uninspired. Tale number three stars horror-legend Peter Cushing and he's the good guy for a change! Cushing is a lonely man who offers presents to the neighborhood children and throws parties for them…I guess this wasn't an issue in the seventies yet! Or was it? Cushing character is hated by his next-door neighbor, but eventually avenges himself. The fourth story is my personal favorite since it really breathes an almost unbearable morbidity…it's a variant on the famous monkey-claw myth, which provides the owner with 3 wishes. This chapter is really chilling and the scenery is great! It also has the best make-up effects and adorable twisted humor! The final story is very ingenious and chilling as well and it entirely takes places in an institute for the blind. The new manager introduces a whole lot of economy measures, while he's living a life of luxury. At one point, the inhabitants won't take it anymore and they show him what being blind feels like…

Reviewed by CitizenCaine 8 / 10

Nice collection of bitter little tales

This is a fantastic British Horror Anthology of five stories, linked together by Sir Ralph Richardson as the keeper of the crypt. There were several other horror anthologies from the mid 60's through the 70's. Many of them were just as good as this one. The film starts with a creepy church organ and never lets up. Sir Ralph preaches to the five guests in between each story. Each story deals out equal parts shock and horror. Some favorite British actors are on hand to lend credibility to the proceedings: Joan Collins, prior to her Dynasty days; Ian Hendry; Peter Cushing; Richard Greene; Patrick Magee and Nigel Patrick. The first two stories offer good shocks, but the second one owes a lot to the British film, Dead Of Night. The next two stories offer shocks and gore to spare, especially for the 1970's. The last one is very ironic, to say the least. This must have been a terrific drive-in movie to go to, especially in autumn when fog might roll in on your way home. *** of 4 stars.

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