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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enchantedali 2 / 10

Long and drawn out

Not sure if this was really worth my time to watch. Very long and at times extremely boring - you're trying so hard to stay focused and keep your attention to see how the story progresses, when really there is barely a story. Spoiler Alert: A transgender hooker gets out of jail and goes looking for her boyfriend/pimp daddy after hearing that he may have been cheating on her with a 'fish' (a supposedly derogatory term for woman).

I don't know what is more frustrating, the horrible acting or the cheap script (some lines are meant to sound 'hood' or 'street' yet sound so cringe-worthy). The constant need to remind the audience that the protagonist (Sin-Dee) is so much 'drama'...that's exactly what this movie was, unnecessary and petty drama that leaves you alienated and not wanting to commit any time towards the story. Is this suppose to be a good representation for the transgender community? Emotions are not portrayed as genuine or authentic. It seems so cheap and shallow, lacking in any character depth.

Basically I would never recommend this movie. It leaves you feeling depressed over the way these people run their lives, yet you lack the connection to support or feel sympathetic to their problems. It's just a big loud mess of nonsense. The 2 stars I give is for Mya Taylor who seems to be the only competent actor in the whole film.

Reviewed by Ted2012 3 / 10

Some might be impressed with this"edgy" and "raw" film but I'm not one of them.

Apart from a pretty decent and modern soundtrack, there is very little to like about this film. The film has a plot and content that would make any Sundance film-festival fan drool at how "edgy" and "raw" it is. It's got hookers, drugs, and Hollywood sleaze (because who knew that Hollywood could be so decadent?). The characters are neither funny nor interesting. They are, however, played by quite talented actors who are actually themselves trans-gender. I'am so totally bemused as to why this film is so well acclaimed. If it is only acclaimed because of having play trans-gender people play trans-gender people and for some reason that makes the film automatically good, then I must say, the bar is being set considerably low.

Reviewed by (maxastree) 8 / 10

Great content, harsh image quality

This movie is basically good drama; as the hype suggests, pic follows the day of a cross-dressing sex worker leaving a short prison term utterly p*ssed off that her boyfriend/pimp has cheated on her - eventually it becomes apparent that he's a loser and she can't see that his insincere support of her was self serving and deceptive anyway, the film creates both comedy and profound pathos around this central theme.

Much of the movie is shot on location, with a modified iPhone 5, although some cast members and the films creative team have previous experience in professional film and television. The opening scenes look pretty raw and unflattering, like a bad student film but the aesthetic has possibilities and many of the shots look great. As expected for consumer level cameras, low light conditions produce some grain artifacts.

The film has original content though, and explores enough dramatic possibilities and unusual situations to be considered a great movie in some sense; at heart the film hinges on the main characters romantic betrayal, and a subplot involving an Armenian cab driver with a family who has a paraphilia for paying a black trans sex worker to receive oral sex whilst driving through the blind, soapy mess of a American car wash somewhere in a seedy area of Hollywood on Christmas eve.

Some people on IMDb seem to suggest that the film is either 'totally overrated' or 'against women'. State secret: some people don't get subtext. The film's universal message is in consideration of the abuses and conflict that populates the lives of sex workers, and makes a valid comment on how sexual attraction is so much an issue of constructed identity, and constructed for who's gaze? Take a guess.

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