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Michael Biehn as Reggie
Nick Bateman as Matt Cockburn
Martin Kove as Principal Vanhorne
Krzysztof Soszynski as Dominic Gray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 9 / 10

Way under-rated, look beyond the controversy...

This was a controversial production in 2014, an MMA film out of a country that specializes in bad sequels, Lifetime movies, and every bad X-Mas movie you have ever seen.

It was ambitious for its humble beginnings, casting the usual Canadian unknowns -- the sole exception being Michael Biehn, one of the Godfathers of the Canadian film industry -- and throwing in some cameos of top MMA fighters.

The controversy even spread to the IMDb where, at the time of release, it appeared that the first reviews were front-loaded by first-time-reviewers (reviewers with only 1 review to their name) who could only gape in wonder at the excellence of the film....?

So, on a second viewing, I say look beyond the controversy and, in spite of a few fails here and there, you will find one of the most satisfying MMA films in recent memory, an unusual but oddly comfortable mix of Karate Kid and Death Wish.

Way under-rated by the critics, props should be given for a script which (like my all-time fave, WARRIOR) knows how to build and build and build without ever getting in its own way.

Here is the unvarnished truth -- while everyone loves MMA - duh! -- there are very few films in that genre that this reviewer can recommend.

This is one of them. Catch it if you can.

Reviewed by danjameswilson 4 / 10


Bad to OK, but could have been good... there's hope for the plot.

Too many places in the film where you think, NOOO, stop being daft, develop a decent background and continue.

Example, skinny kid with little training is going to ever beat an established MMA fighter (this side of a barrel) nope, but serious HEAD damage to both, YES! The kid has SERIOUS anger against this guy, so he would be willing to break his body to win... so let's see it, full on impact, evasive action, ALL head shots (where there is F' all muscle development),.. but to overpower this guy, NO!! it would NEVER happen.

Would have been good, if the development of a VERY small chance of winning would have been explored fully. Othererwise, looks daft.

Reviewed by Tim Blender 1 / 10

Terrible, don't believe the paid press

Tapped Out is just another case of a no budget B movie receiving early positive press from friends of the cast and crew. The film is worse than the trailers, which have already received a ton of heat, and contains some of the most cringe-worthy moments and performances I've ever seen. This isn't even a B movie, it's a D movie.

Let's look first to Hackman, the "star" who just happened to produce and write the film. Not only is his talent non-existent, but his portrayal of the character is entirely unbelievable. His writing gives us nothing more than a derivative story that you've seen many times before, except this time it looks like it was made for about 20 grand.

Appearances by "stars" Biehn and MMA fighters give us a glimpse of what this might have been with a real budget and if the content was in the hands of better filmmakers. Biehn was a disaster, plain and simple, but he's been that since the 90's so no surprise there. On the other hand, the MMA guys step in and do a fairly decent job in their limited time on screen. Unfortunately, the filmmakers are about two years too late as MMA is on the decline and the fighters won't offer enough of a draw to attract substantial audiences.

If you're looking for absolute garbage, this is the film to see... if not, don't waste your time. A film like SHARKNADO works because it's intentionally terrible. What makes TAPPED OUT so bad is that it takes itself seriously and fails horribly in its efforts. Unfortunately, it appears that the same team is back at their B movie ways with a new Biehn picture and one starring Cuba Gooding Jr... so their trend of hiring washed up 80's/90's talent continues, but at least this film offers us reason to never check out further work by this incompetent group.


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