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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gabseqdu 1 / 10

What a waste of my time

Bad plot, awful human animations... in all a waste of my time.

Predictable story line you know all the things that will happen before they do. The mix some people are doing on topics is absurd... kind of the Cowboys and Aliens movie !! what a joke and here meteors, extinction of the dinosaurs, and Tarzan??

The other thing that was just enough for me was the gorilla behavior, even they seem to know how to use a knife (and the meaning of it for a kill) and to open a door... truly people?!!

This types of movies are a slap to your intellect... please do not waste your time like I did mine, hope producers and writers could give me back the hour I could stand of this nonsense.

Reviewed by jonathancolley-885-704860 3 / 10

Very disappointing...

When I heard that there was a new Tarzan animated movie being released I was really quite excited because despite my love of big robots and monsters smashing things up and things going BOOM I do have a soft spot for Tarzan, I have fond childhood memories of running around with a tea towel loin cloth and a potato peeler shouting Ahhhh ah ahhhh!!!!!

But this, was poor... Very poor... and a little piece of my childhood feels violated :(

So, the animation is like something from an average quality PS3 game cut scene and is the style that I would expect to see on a kids TV show (although the motion capture was put to good use, the poor animation at least moves well).

The potentially interesting story was diluted to focus on nothing in particular.

There was (in my opinion) totally needless narration at certain points to tell you what was in front of your face.

If I didn't know any better I would have said that this was developed to promote a new range of dolls for girls (Jungle Barbie and long haired, loin clothed Ken?).

Save your money, watch something else or if you really want to watch an animated Tarzan look to Disney's offering which while being a little more childish trumps this one in EVERY way!

Reviewed by Fermentious 7 / 10

You're not a kid anymore

You've reached the point in your life where you actually think it worthwhile to read IMDb reviews on a release of Tarzan 3D... you're probably not a kid, and why your reading this, I can't say:

it's take your kid to the movie day, movie... it's Tarzan swinging from trees in 3d... Disney's Tarzan is not re-releasing in 3d at the same time this movie is hitting theatres, so, why compare?...

15 years from now you're going to meet some guy, and he's going to say, "I saw Tarzan 3d when I was 10 and it was my favourite childhood movie"... why? because I know I can say for myself, I saw Prince of Egypt when I was 10, and apart from the embedded hidden memories of watching The Little Mermaid on VHS over a 100 times in my extremely early developmental years... the Prince of Egypt is the first movie I saw in theatres that embedded with the ability of conscious recollection into my memories, at 10 years old. That movie is a 7, and I've watched it over again, and I agree now, it's a 7.

By that logic, I'm giving this movie a 7. It'll be a 10 for many kids that see it at age 10... it'll be a 1 for every recently full grown adult that remembers seeing Disney's Tarzan in theatres in 1999. Why?


so don't start thinking you watched a masterpiece in 1999... you watched Disney's Tarzan... and the only way these movies sell is by having a remote semblance of humour that an adult can find bearable so as to be okay with sitting beside his kid for 1.5 hours... if this movie bombs, it'll be because it lacked this, and no wallets are gonna part with $60+ for something that a 10 year old would love, but an adult would still have to bear through it...

Tarzan (1999), Mulan (1998), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), Pocahontas (1995)... if I'm naming titles that you really enjoyed... it's probably because you were born sometime between 1985 and 1992... they're no better than what this movie is going to be.

Sorry... it sucks to get older... at least you can thank time for passing faster.

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