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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by prabhat1729 8 / 10

Waiting for Ted 3

I really can't understand why many critics went harsh on this one.

The film is jutted with quality humour - social, political and personal. It lives up to the expectations and doesn't slack anywhere at all. It makes us laugh but also makes us uneasy at times not because of crassness but because it reveals the underbelly of our social setup.

I am waiting for Ted 3 - I sincerely hope McFarlene considers it. Ted should run up for Governor or President. It will fit in nicely with the US presidentials in 2016 and should reveal the shallowness of modern political campaigning.

Go Seth go...

Reviewed by Mek Torres 6 / 10

Spared For The Laughs

Ted 2 now focuses on the titular anthropomorphic teddy bear in, having his own life of marriage and plans ahead of getting a non-biological child. This leads to a strangely interesting conflict about gaining civil rights to a teddy bear. And it's stranger that at some point the movie does take it somewhat seriously, and eventually goes back to its crass hijinks. It's nice, but nothing much compelling in the end, because what obviously overshadows it is definitely the outrageous laughs. But even the degree of laughs suffers the same problem; it's full of energy at first then it awkwardly mutes its lighter tone for its climax. Fans of the first may get the same pleasure that they seek, but there is really nothing special to it, either.

The first half really has the strongest amount of funny moments and also brought some intrigue to the story's center. But the movie apparently cannot decide what exact approach it is generally taking. The outrageous comedy is still everywhere, but whenever it stops by focusing on its themes, it really takes it seriously, like it actually believes that it is saying something important. But the movie hardly earns anything to deserve that attention. It's just shifting from its outrageous nature to a sudden gravity back and forth. Even for a comedy that is actually just fooling around, it stills displays a mind of uncertainty. There is also some bits of attempting to replicate Broadway; with dance numbers and a song. Can't tell if that's one of the movie's way of tripping or the director just wants to show off that he can do a musical. Either way, it rather feels nothing more than a random filler. The movie is also a little too long, the movie hitting the same major problem of the first film by setting up a climax that it's supposed to drive tension. It never felt right for the film, even worse, it's more like a rehash, reintroducing the same villain except it takes place in a different location. It's rather awkward and tedious than effective.

The sentiment doesn't felt convincing enough for the movie's true colors, but then it's all about the humor. And if the humor works, then there is a worthy roar of laughter to get from this film. Predictably raunchy, pot fueled and consists pop culture references; that will certainly be enjoyed if you understand the language of a Seth MacFarlane comedy. It's fun if it really tries to be fun. The performances from its lead actors are still a joy to watch. MacFarlane still manages to put energy to the talking teddy bear and Mark Wahlberg is still committed to fool around as Ted's man child best friend.

Ted 2 doesn't bring the same surprise of the first one, but if you're in for more outrageous laughs from this profane talking teddy bear, then it won't be a problem, as long as you're not expecting too much. The film does try to bring on an important theme, but it's not as effective or as strong as it wanted to be; it does make some interesting arguments, just doesn't have any powerful or at least earned conclusion to it; but hell, who would exactly take that seriously, anyway? Well, no more than the movie itself. It should have been shorter, the storyline should have been tighter, and the third act should have tried harder than repeating its predecessor. Again, it can be really funny, it just suffers handling its ideas better.

Reviewed by Abdel Gulabkhan 3 / 10

Not as funny as the first, the magic is wearing off

I was so looking forward to Ted 2 after really enjoying the first one.

What a disappointment!

Basically Ted is married to a hot girl and tries to get a baby to save his marriage. However it all goes wrong and Ted is investigated and the state say he is not a person so he loses all his rights job and marriage. Ted than has a court battle to prove he is a person which he eventually wins with the help of John his best buddy and girlfriend lawyer. Such a boring plot really bad. The old enemy Donny tries to get Ted as he is regarded as just Property, in attempt to make Hasbro rich - this gets foiled by john who saves Ted

There are some funny bits to the movie, like Jurassic park bit where they see cannabis field and some good one liners

However the film is looking and trying far too hard for jokes for every line in the movie - rather than naturally funny they try all the time to make one liners a lot of them not that funny.

The cute factor of Ted is wearing off and the magic too, I was so bored after the first hour I wanted to leave, the jokes and sarcasm were so predictable.

Hopefully no more Ted films but you can guarantee they will make Ted 3 just for the money.

Next time have a good plot and story this was very weak.

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