Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lastgreatman88 1 / 10


was excited for this movie. I liked the first one, even if the story was shallow, just because I loved Tekken the game... but Tekken 2 was no way Tekken, not even close. I don't know what they were thinking about when they did the film, there was just no value to it... too slow, fight scenes were terrible... and "ruthless" assassin was not really the case... it was just awful and I can't find anything positive to say about the film except when it ended which I thanked the high heaven because I could finally breath. it was terrible, did I say that? it was like when sloppy writing meets terrible research, you get Tekken 2... it was so awful it was so agonizing to watch. there was really no Tekken to it,

Reviewed by helmutty 5 / 10

A big step down from the first movie

I know the first live-action movie was not well-received by fans and critics alike but I enjoyed its decent fight scenes. It was a guilty pleasure. I guess I could say that because I am not a fan of Tekken though I have watched the CGI Blood Vengeance. Now, back to this movie, the prequel is shockingly inept; it is extremely low-budget and features some half-baked choreography, story and editing. I may not be a fan of video games but I know if the movie tries to recreate the moments of the games and this has none. The characters do not look anything like the characters in the game. I thought I could let it go since I am not a fan but the fight scenes do not even make up for it or the lack of story.

The story: Kazuya wakes up in some unknown hotel room. He is confused about his identity. Shortly, some action happens. I thought it will be an action-packed ride given the short runtime. However, the thought was short-lived. It does contain some fight scenes but they are shockingly normal; none of the characters have distinctive fight styles. Unlike the first movie, the choreography is boring and uninspired. Each fight scene is quite short; shorter than one and a half minutes. Take out the name, Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge, and you will get an uninspired action movie that is almost pointless to watch. There are many annoying pointless slo-mo scenes of characters walking and walking…and bad editing. The acting is not that good too. Music is alright.

Overall: There is almost no saving grace in this. It makes the first one looks like a classic. I could at least see some efforts used to create the look in the first movie but in this, there is none. There is no distinctive style, no interesting things happening and it looks like it is shot fast with not much consideration of locations. There may be many tepid movies based on video games but this is one of the worst movies. It just does not look appealing. Not much to recommend here.

Reviewed by Aaron Fund Salem 1 / 10

Absolute crap

I am an avid Tekken player, and I too loved the story line of the games. This movie had nothing to do with the games, and it was just a waste of time. I barely made it through. The first live action movie they made wasn't great either, but it had a lot more to offer than this did. At least in the first one there were more than 2 of the original players in the game, and there was an actual tournament! Fight scenes were poorly done, and believe it or not, I would rather the first 'porn' actor that played Kazuya than the guy they got for this one. If you have to, watch it because you liked the games, but trust me, don't expect anything out of this.

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