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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Troy Cutler 1 / 10

Straight-to-video schlock!

This movie, like many other bad movies, was trying to be something it's not: Good. I watched it hoping to find something I like about it but couldn't.

Katee Sackhoff, who has been in Battlestar Gallatica on television looked decent, unfortunately she wasn't in enough scenes. The other actors were so-so, the action scenes weren't too action- filled, there were no twists that you didn't see coming, and the premise was so basic and unimaginative. Also, the sound on this was really, really poor. Why make crap like this? Doesn't the movie universe have enough terrible titles that customers have to wade through without littering it with more poorly-made movies like TELL?

Someone should TELL the people behind this film that just because you can make a film, doesn't mean you should. Straight-to-video schlock like this is waste of consumers time.

Reviewed by James D. (gatorboyufg) 1 / 10

A complete waste of time!

This isn't the worst movie I have ever seen. But it's probably the third or fourth worst movie I have ever seen! The two biggest culprits are the script and the direction. The cast is populated with TV actors you'll recognize including Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes), Katee Sackhoff (Bionic Woman, Battlestar Gallatica), and Jason Lee (Memphis Beat, My Name is Earl), and a few other lesser names.

In a nutshell, the film is about a criminal (Ventimiglia) who steals money from his brother (Lee) and bank robbing partners. His wife (Sackhoff) turns on him and the film shows all the unscrupulous characters trying to get their hands on the money. It becomes painfully predictable and the action sequences are sub-par.

Like others have commented, this story is not too original. The script is weak and attempts to be funny but it's not which makes it painful to watch the actors have to utter the lines. The direction seems flat and the film suffers from jagged pacing and bad music. Overall, you would be better off spending ninety minutes of your time doing something else.

Reviewed by chrismackey1972 7 / 10


I saw the poster for this movie, and it didn't look all that appealing. I thought it would be a brainless movie that tried to be cute but failing big time. In fact, the only reason I watched this was because of Katee Sackhoff. I've liked her ever since I saw her portrayal of Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica. She's one of the few actresses who can play a badass and be taken seriously doing it. Unfortunately, they don't make use of her ability to play that type of character. Still, the movie was fun and moved along at a fairly brisk pace without losing the storyline.

I have to say that the storyline wasn't especially original, but it was done with fun and flare. The movie largely belongs to Milo Ventimiglia, who plays a thief. Katee Sackhoff plays his using, money-grubbing wife/ex-wife to a "T." I gave this a 7-star rating because all the elements came together to make this a fun movie. Parts of it were humorous, other scenes were thrilling to watch. It's not a perfect movie, and there were some missed opportunities when they didn't make more use of Sackhoff. The one scene in the entire movie that is the most memorable is towards the end when Beverly (Sackhoff) informs Tell (Ventimiglia) of a very important reason why she did what she did. The emoting and vocal delivery were perfect.

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