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Henry Fonda as Mr. Whitehead, President of Trojan Construction
Shelley Winters as Tillie Turner
John Huston as Ned Turner
Claude Akins as Sheriff Robards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smile_U_SOB 9 / 10

Totally Enjoyable B Sea Movie!

I thought this movie was great. I had a blast watching it. It was mellow and took it's time nicely. I don't understand why all the hate. Yes it's a "Jaws" ripoff but so what? Bo Hopkins was neat to watch as basically "Chief Brody Hooper Quint", playing the lead character ocean expert tough guy. John Huston has a side role as a roving investigator trying to figure out the deaths of people being sucked from land into sea. Henry Fonda has a phoned in role as the bigwig who might be responsible for making this octopus such a hungry beast. And one of my favorite cult actors, Claude Akins, as a cop. The best thing about this film is the keyboard soundtrack that you can also hear in Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" and Mario Bava's "Rabid Dogs", and a handful of other films. Whenever the Octopi attacks the music plays and it's quite cool sounding. I thought the action scenes were nice and yes, the octopus looked fake, but then again so did the shark in "Jaws", and "Jaws" is one of the best movies ever made. Mind you, I'm not saying this is anywhere near "Jaws", but still, they did a good job covering up the fact that a rubber coat with arms was used as the terrorizing beast. I thought this movie was totally enjoyable and I find it relaxing, and there are some beautiful Italian women, all blondes. The girl who plays Bo Hopkin's wife looks a lot like Heather Graham (or vice versa). Kick back, and enjoy. Don't expect much. Just have a good time.

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

It ain't over until the fat bloke...swims!

Don't ask me why but I have a bizarre predilection for trashy and mainly non-American "Jaws" rip-offs; the cheaper the better; and thus this "Tentacles" is a long anticipated new show-piece in my collection. So maybe this user comment won't be the most reliable you'll ever read, but I seriously believe that "Tentacles" is NOT as horrible as everyone claims it is! Well yes, the screenplay is a shameless and unimaginative re-telling of Spielberg's classic sea monster movie, but we all knew that in advance and it surely doesn't mean it can't be entertaining, right? And "Tentacles" sure is entertaining with its tacky special effects and especially the over-the-top score that is used to distract you whenever the underwater cinematography is too murky to follow. The tourist community Ocean Beach suffers from an unwelcome guest in its waters and it soon turns out to be a murderous, yet normal-sized, octopus. Normally, these animals are shy and harmless but this particular critter went a little mad due to extreme vibrations in the water, coming from a drilling company that is digging a beach tunnel nearby. After the alarming discovery of several mutilated corpses, local reporter Ned Turner (John Huston) calls in the help of ichthyologist Will Gleason (Bo Hopkins). It's always nice to see respectable actors in later roles, even if their performances suck and they clearly just agreed to star to earn some easy money. Apart from Huston and Gleason, "Tentacles" also stars Henry Fonda, Claude Atkins and the recently deceased Shelley Winters. With all do respect for Mrs. Winters but she was the only terrible character here. At least in campy Italian horror films like this some of the deaths are unexpected and mildly shocking, like the opening sequence involving the disappearance of a baby. There's also a neatly staged sequence with the octopus vs a corpulent dude and an unintentionally hilarious sequence in which Gleason gives pep-talk to his two killer whales that are about to fight an enemy in the shape of an octopus! Seriously, how can you not love this?!?

Reviewed by Boyo-2 6 / 10

Fun 70's camp

I guess the actors were excited about being sent to Italy, and the downside is that..it was to be in this movie. I guess the producers were thinking they would make some money doing a version of "Jaws" with an octopus instead.

But the casual moviegoer, who has reasonable intelligence, will either be laughing at the whole thing or bored to death. Either way, the movie is not insultingly awful. At least Shelley Winters is under control, for the most part, but John Huston as a reporter is a riot. Danova had all his dialogue dubbed, which seems strange since he speaks English (he did in "Viva Las Vegas" and "Mean Streets", to name two instances). Henry Fonda & Bo Hopkins are also along for the ride.

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