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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by modern_maiden 9 / 10

Perfect homage to Hardy's novel

This film was an almost exact replication of Thomas Hardy's novel "Tess of the d'Urbervilles". It's so rare to watch a film after reading the novel and not be disappointed by it, but this film didn't disappoint in any way.

Details, such as the whiteness of the maids' dresses, the sound of milk squirting into a bucket, the sloshing mud of a wet English turnip field, and the glint of adoration in the eyes of the young lovers -- all came gloriously to life as if fresh off the pages of the book.

I highly recommend this film for anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned Victorian love story.

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 10 / 10

A return viewing.

Roman Polanksi's Tess gets better and better with age.

The mists...the sounds of footsteps on the dirt roads... the ambling horse... the elflike man that appears at the Cross in Hands, Tess' walk to her Inlaws church, The dripping water, The taking of the boots, the misplaced letter, the milk run, the puddle in the road, the dripping milk pouches, The strawberry, the blood stain, The burial, Stonehenge...Everything is beautifully shot. It lingers in the mind long after viewing. Geoffrey Unsworth's final cinematographic film. Thank you for all your beautiful work.

It is neither pretentious nor bold.

Mesmerizing! The musical composition is charging.

Nastassja Kinski's plays the title character. She reacts so well. Her beauty in a time of such oppression and depression would be an ill fate. Tess knows this fate and she wishes she was never born. She is the sacrifice of a paradigm. Victorian era was finished. Edwardian Enlightenment would soon come but not for Tess, the sacrificial pure beauty.

Thomas Hardy created a pure woman in Tess. That is why her plight is so tragic. She possesses a strong spirit that is oppressed by the male political and religious world around her.

The opening shot is well directed in the morning sunrise as fair maidens dance with one another. Tess' oversight by Angel begins this tragic tale. "As Flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods, they kill us for their sport."

Tess, Thomas Hardy

Do not take your eyes off of it. It is beautifully told!

Victor Nunnally, BFA Dramatic and Film Theory and History, AA Performing Experience.

Reviewed by prospectpt 8 / 10

Comparison of scenes from "Tess" & "The Third Man"

This is a delicious film - a cinematic strawberry-sundae - with entrancing Nastassja Kinski as the succulent cherry on top.

Don't miss the opening scene, in which the village maidens, all dressed in white with flowers in hair, skip along behind musicians as they slowly make their way up an old farming roadway towards camera & then past... In my opinion, this scene is as subtly magnificent as that classic scene from "The Third Man": 'Anna', coming from the grave site, making that seeming-to-take-forever walk along the road towards where 'Holly Martin' stands awaiting her, & then, she walks straight past, ignoring him...and from a pocket of his rumpled overcoat, he digs-out a pack of ciggies & lights one up...The End.

Both are magical, time-suspending scenes, created by visual virtuosos who also knew that sometimes a modicum of music can be far more effective than a deluge of dialog.

TB - a staff member of Prospect Point Productions, Inc

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