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Alexandra Daddario as Heather Miller
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Bill Moseley as Drayton Sawyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mortonzhou 1 / 10

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen

I love horror flicks. I thought the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a pretty decent horror film. Not amazing, but entertaining nonetheless.

This version of Texas Chainsaw caught my attention in the beginning. Giving a flashback sequence to the original Sawyer family members being killed. Things just went downhill after that. Every character in this movie seems to lack a brain and/or is a complete a**hole. On top of that... there was no nudity. I mean c'mon.. what's a horror film without some nudity?! Just to name a few of many things that made this movie bad:

Farnsworth a.k.a. the KFC Colonel didn't think it'd be important to tell Heather, there was a 6"5' lunatic living in a hidden basement of her inherited house.

Even after all of Heather's friends are brutally murdered by Leatherface, whom she discovers to be her cousin, she feels sorry for him and loves him because he's "family." Screw that noise... ALL of her friends are dead because of him. It's not even like he's a close relative. She doesn't even know him. One minute she's scared sh**less of him and the next she loves him AND helps him kill a couple more people?? Are we supposed to believe that her thought process was: "Oh, hey Cuz, you just knocked me out in the kitchen, almost cut me up with a chainsaw in a coffin, tried killing me by flipping our van, chased me through a carnival with a chainsaw forcing me to hang on to a Ferris Wheel for my life AND killed all of my friends. But that's all okay.. I forgive you because we're family. Now I'm going to help you kill people and take care of you for the rest of my life." All I could say was... Seriously... wtf just happened.

Towards the end, the sheriff was the only character I liked up because he seemed to have a brain... Surprise!!! He's an idiot too! He decides not to shoot Leatherface even after he killed five people in just one night because he feels bad for him. His family died because they were a bunch of murders.... boo hoo. Are we supposed to feel bad for Leatherface??? I sure don't. Yet the makers seemed to think "let's try to get the audience to feel bad for him." Last time I checked, Leatherface was a scary serial killer. You're not supposed to feel bad for them. We, as the audience of a slasher film, have no interest in feeling bad for him. We want to be afraid of him. It is a HORROR film after all.

In summary. The plot and character development make absolutely zero sense... to the point where it makes you cringe. No thought was put into this movie. Seems like the makers knew Texas Chainsaw fans would go watch this movie so they didn't care to put effort into making it a good one. Don't waste your time and definitely not your money watching this movie. If you want to watch a Texas Chainsaw movie that isn't incredibly old. Go watch the 2003 version. Not a great movie... But it's still (approximately) a million times better than this garbage.

Reviewed by Jason Marsh 2 / 10

I already forgot about it

Pure garbage. They set the movie in 2012, 39 years after the original. The only character that aged was the Sheriff. The main character was a baby in 1973 but is miraculously only about 22 or 23 in 2012 (which they clearly display on a grave stone, 2012). Also in 2012 smart phones can stream live HD video in real time over a call. I wonder how much their data plan is? Which, by the way, brought the film from ridiculous to absurd especially given that streaming the video served no purpose in the story or the scene. A speaker phone would have sufficed and my disbelief would not have been called back from suspension. So yeah, those are just TWO of the myriad issues this movie has. This was worse than the remake, by far. There isn't a film maker in the world who could make a good sequel to the original, even Tobe Hooper couldn't do it and HE directed the original. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) is a perfect film, it needs no more exposition, but this is the era of the retro cash grab. So everything cool from the 70's and 80's gets dragged out and crapped on for the youth market and they think the winks and nods to the source material will tickle us old fans nostalgia gland. Well screw you Hollywood. It doesn't. It's lazy film making. What I paid 10 bucks for was nothing more than a 1sr draft script chock full of slasher clichés and inept story telling. You know what made the original so brilliant? It wasn't about anything! It was simple, I dare say even plausible. But this movie BEGAN in implausible territory and only sank deeper into the abyss. Stay away if you have a brain. CGI gore, 'nough said. The 3D was not even adding any degree of anything, it was more distracting than anything, which is more the format, 3D just sucks.

Reviewed by jamdifo 2 / 10

Ludicrous 3rd Act

First the positives:

1. The movie moves quickly, it doesn't drag, so edited well. 2. The middle part is half decent and what you expect for this series. 3. The female lead and her friend are very attractive. 4. Decent special effects. 5. Nice highlights from the original movie at the beginning.


1. Where did all these family members come from that wasn't in the 1st movie? Terrible answer to what happened after the woman escaped. 2. Are you really suppose to feel sympathy for a family who killed 4 people in the 1st movie and implied they killed countless others? They deserved to be shot and burned but the movie says it was wrong. 3. Why is everyone a jerk in the movie? One guy steals, 2 people cheat, people abusive, lying, etc. Only the boyfriend of the lead actress's friend wasn't, and he was the most brutally killed. Come to think of it, the mayor wasn't either, he did what had to be done, and he was the 2nd most brutally killed. Too bad the movie thought he was a jerk. 4. Too many clichés like the officer going to the house and not waiting for BACKUP! Guess what happened to him. 5. Tombstone scene showing grandma died in 2012, meaning 39 years after the 1st movie, yet no one aged that much. Eating human meat must keep the body young as Leatherface at 60 something moves awfully well. 6. This must be the only carnival in Texas that no one carries a gun. Also, amazingly, Leatherface doesn't cut anyone with the chainsaw moving thru the crowded carnival. 7. A van with a cut tire flipping over. That doesn't happen. 8. A sheriff who believes in equal rights for serial killers. Just absurd. 9. Terrible ending. Trying to have sympathy for Leatherface? How did anyone think that was a good idea? He's suppose to be scary! 10. Lead actress who suddenly forgets Leatherface killed her good friend and boyfriend, and now loves him because he's her cousin. Terrible! 11. How does a sheriff lose a deputy, see on video 3 cut up bodies, and just tell Leatherface to clean up his mess? Fire the script supervisor! 12. Leave evidence out so someone else can look thru it. Always the incompetent police dept. If that were true today, the US would still be like the wild west. 13. Have to take care of Leatherface? Let the cannibal rot. 14. If it wasn't for the thief, would Leatherface ever have gotten out of the house? How did he survive when Grandma died? 15. CGI gore, not that great.

I could go on, but too many more negatives, I'm done. I see why this came out the 1st weekend of the new year.

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