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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrewbunney 10 / 10

The one film you must see... before you die!

That Sugar Film is one man's journey into the effect of eating the sugar that is hidden in food marketed as healthy. There is increasingly awareness that we live in the age of sugar with the population of our planet suddenly consuming massively more sugar. There are links between this new diet and obesity and mental illness. Warning bells were sounded in 2009 by childhood obesity expert Prof Robert H. Lustig at the University of California, whose youtube lecture went viral.

Damon Gameau's playful exploration of this crucially important subject is a big wake-up. He packages it in a palatable, family-friendly form, the perfect counter-punch to the food industry's current marketing of sugar. Gameau follows in the footsteps of Morgan Spurlock's gonzo doco, Supersize Me, where Spurlock offered himself as a guinea pig to look at a diet of Maccas. Here, Gameau puts his body on the line to look behind the health claims of fruit juice, flavoured yoghurt, muesli bars, breakfast cereal and more; a diet only of food marketed as healthy and natural but brimming with heaped spoonfuls of unwanted sugar.

Hugh Jackman's sand paintings of the history of sugar is the first of many bite-sized pleasures that make up this rollicking journey of discovery that is guaranteed to disturb your eating habits. With food corporations more in denial than the tobacco industry, tell-tale signs are products marked 'lo-fat' or '100% natural'.

What Gameau reveals about the fructose-laden fare cynically marketed to us at the cost of our health is nothing less than shocking. The film also stirs the pot about obesity, behavioural problems in children, and even rocks the foundations of consumerism. He is the canary in the coalmine and we must give thanks for the warning.

With great songs and great graphics this film is truly sickening, albeit with an upbeat ending. Suitable for all the family, That Sugar Film is compulsory viewing for anyone who has children or anything else to live for. This is THE one film to see … before you die!

Reviewed by randymcbeast 10 / 10

This movie changed my life

Yes, that's right. I said it. This movie changed my life. Well, it did so might as well acknowledge it and send a big warm thank you to the folks that made it.

Since watching the movie I've changed my diet completely. I wanted to wait about a month before I wrote this review just to make sure it took hold and actually did change my life. It seems now though that this one really got into me deep. Message received loud and clear.

I actually feel stupid for the many decades of damage that I've done to my body for being so ignorant about sugar and the products we consume every day. I also feel betrayed by society as a whole for not recognizing this sooner, and still not doing anything about it to this day. Why are we so stupid?

Sugar is killing us and nobody is doing anything about it. Well, I suppose not everybody. The makers of this film and probably a handful of others are working on the awareness, and I will also do my part telling everyone I know about this film.

If you care about living and being healthy and you care about the health of your family and friends, watch this film, tell them to watch, and then tell them to spread the word.

Reviewed by eddie_baggins 7 / 10

An informative and inventive doco

Taking a page out of the Morgan Spurlock Super Size Me documentary book, recognisable Australian actor Damon Gameau has here delivered a witty and informative documentary that might take a few to many turns into situations and scenarios that don't work out fully, but still comes out on top thanks to a unique and thoughtful way of displaying the effects that sugar has had on mankind.

Utilising great use of CGI and talking heads, support of some name actors like Hugh Jackman and Stephen Fry and with a relatable and affable charisma, Gameau undoubtedly thought long and hard about how he would make the documentation of his 60 day sugar filled diet into something interesting and fun, all the while being quite shocking in many aspects and he succeeds in turning a dry subject matter into an easily watchable and digestible whole.

I like many others could count myself as someone that thinks little about the effects sugar has on my life or my future life as it seems like a harmless and enjoyable addition to our diet. What Gameau does so well is showcases how even so called healthy snacks/drinks like Smoothies or breakfast meals are actually just as bad for you as most so called "bad" food and drinks. It's also shocking to see statements and information backed up by the physical transformation of Gameau over the period of the film and even the biggest doubters of the films message would struggle to deny the obvious change in the body of someone consuming the average amount of sugar per day that you and I could well be doing also.

While it's not a ground breaking piece by any means, That Sugar Film is still a very enjoyable and thought provoking piece of documentary filmmaking that would be a valuable addition to children's education on the sugar intake effects and also a must see films for all those that might just love there Mountain Dew a little too much.

3 ½ tooth extractions out of 5

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