The 11th Hour


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Kim Basinger as Maria
Peter Stormare as The Russian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

There's something (weird) about Kim

Well her character of course and not Ms. Basinger herself. There's also something very wrong about this movie. It's strange and kind of has a lot of flaws, but it's still mesmerizing and kind of takes the viewer on a journey if he/she embarks and embraces it. A very dark one that touches subject matters that are really mean and can be considered very bad indeed too.

But if you let yourself in (not that the characters seem to have any redeeming values or merits apart from the struggle they apparently and obviously are in), you will have a suspenseful movie to watch and appreciate with a magnificent performance by Kim Basinger and her co-star. The pace might be slow, but the impact can be perceived as strong nevertheless. Tough subject, tough movie

Reviewed by Ana Mendes 9 / 10

Great thriller

Kim Bassinger is superb in this movie. The movie is everything I expected and more. It's moving, shocking and has a great ending. I don't understand why people tend to give low grades to films like this one. Is it because it's not exactly a horror movie or because Kim has been such a beauty that aging makes her a "no no" actress? I would recommend it to anyone who has had someone close living a problem like this, longing for being a mother and having one disappointment after another. It can make a woman lose her mind, to say the least. I think Kim deserves an Oscar for her performance, which is subdued and conveys all the emotions at the same time.

Reviewed by Rampant Polanski 8 / 10

a dark, tense and creepy place to go but I'm glad I did

This is one seriously messed up movie: If you like films like 'Repulsion', 'La Pianiste' or even 'Black Swan' (which I didn't think all that much of) or just beautiful unhinged women going further off the rails generally, I recommend you give it a look.

It's a European production from Danish director Morgenthaler, and feels miles away from anything made by Hollywood, yet it stars the bewilderingly youthful-looking Kim Basinger, who here is a revelation at her very best, with flawless support from Jordan Prentice and the always reliable Peter Stormare.

'I Am Here' is a dark, still, tense and creepy place to go, but I'm glad I did.

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