The 6th Day


Action / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Adam Gibson
Terry Crews as Vincent
Robert Duvall as Dr. Griffin Weir
Tony Goldwyn as Michael Drucker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Elswet 8 / 10

A movie that deserved a more mainstream release

Impersonated by "Impostor," 2002, this production is far superior in many ways. The casting was excellent; many of the main players having had only obscure parts until now, lent a crisp freshness to the production. Even with a few of them lacking in experience, these performances were completely professional and the characters were developed along the way well enough to enable the audience to care about what events occur.

The mental turns this production takes are quite clever and intelligent, and demonstrates a superior directing ability. The scenery, sets, and background content are all quite well done; as if real thought went into each detail and scene, rather than just throwing a house together, decorating it like a mobile home and a hearty, "...send those actors in there!" Very nice.

The story itself is quite disturbing down on a deeper level where people seldom reach you. It was both thought provoking and compelling. I found this movie hauntingly disturbing. We ~are~ in the age of cloning, after all.

This is one of Schwarzenegger's best films, in my opinion; one of many very entertaining, intellectual action films in which he has starred. While there was not much science to this science fiction, it was still extremely entertaining. If you liked Terminator 1 or 2, Total Recall, or True Lies, you will thoroughly enjoy this wonderfully-written, (almost) directional(ly art-house) work of art.

It gets a sound 8.3/10 from...

the Fiend :.

Reviewed by mjw2305 8 / 10

A Must for Arnie Fans

Arnies films fall into many categories, he has his best films (Terminator series, Predator, True Lies, etc.) his average movies (Commando, Red Heat, The Running Man, etc.) and of course there's his bad movies (Red Sonja, Raw Deal, Jingle all the way, etc.). The 6th Day is somewhere between his average and his best movies, and is a must for all Arnie fans.

The plot is actually pretty good, in a world where you can clone your pet if it dies, and be unaware of the difference, Arnie finds himself cloned, and is left on the run from the people who cloned him, (standard procedure, you can't have two Arnies running about, or can you?)

With a pretty good cast, plenty of action and some neat visuals: coupled with a cool story, good script and some Arnie one liners. And yes, you've guessed it, you've got yourself a good movie.


Reviewed by ingemar-4 7 / 10

Remarkably good with a few flaws

I was pleasantly surprised with how good the not very favorably reviewed 6th day was. It delivered in several ways:

- It has the expected action, stunts, effects.

- It has the expected one-liners and humor.

- Acting is generally perfectly adequate for the purpose. Rather, it must be pretty good when I never was disturbed by any bad acting.

- It is nicely futuristic in a near-future fashion with many perfectly or partially believable ideas (and some that we don't quite believe in, but hey, if we accept hyperspace travel then we can accept this).

- It has a message that actually keeps us thinking after leaving the movie. The cloning problem is considered from many points of view (not only as the bad guy's evil plan). How far can we heal, how far can we preserve life, when does it become an ethical problem, when will it clash with religion?

That is quite impressive if you ask me.

However, sometimes it fails on two points: Predictability and suspense. Some scenes, especially involving the bad guy, are so embarrassingly predictable that it makes me wish they could have skipped some clichés just for once. And the movie misses great suspense opportunities on several occasions. I won't tell you how, who or when, but when a guy is assassinated, it should not happen just out of the blue, but we should be led into the situation slowly (for example from the assassin's point of view) so we get the chance to worry about it. That opportunity is missed at least twice, when the movie jumps straight into the kill, giving us momentary cheap shock instead of thrill. Compare it to the killing in, for example, Predator (one of the most excellent Arnold movies). Most kills by the Predator don't come out of the blue, we are warned, and it adds suspense and thrill.

Those flaws push the movie down from the top marks, but I still rank it pretty high for the points mentioned above. Quite entertaining and even interesting too, which makes it one of the better Arnold movies. Recommended!

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