The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gentm2013 10 / 10

The (truly) Amazing Spider-Man !

This could be the movie of the year for me definitely this movie is so amazing and so good I think a stupid rating 7.4 is so low it should have been beyond 8 but I rate it high mostly because of visual effects,Andrew Garfield+Emma Stone,Dane DeHaan's amazing play and the sadness in the end.

This movie is funny is sad is amazing in every aspect. A.Garfield topped this movie no doubt the best Spider-Man movie ever and until now one of the best movies of this year it just couldn't be better. From what I watched this year this movie is far better than any one else except I am waiting to see Dawn of the Planes of the Apes to see if is any better but until now this one is the best one yet,

Reviewed by JohnnyPHreak 7 / 10

Spider-Man more on his plate than he can handle in this sequel

I'm an unabashed die hard fan boy for Spider-Man. There I said it. You can call me a homer for anything Spider-Man. I wasn't a happy camper when I heard they were rebooting the films that I fell in love with. The first two Raimi films for me were great. The sequel still holding up today as one of the best superhero movies of all time. The first Amazing Spider-Man was a bit jarring for me. I walked out of the film not knowing what I thought about it. I enjoyed Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man but his Peter Parker didn't click with me. I also had some nit picky things about the film as a whole (Gwen instead of Mary Jane, lackluster villain). But watching the film a few more times I realized that I liked it.

I do research on films that I'm excited for. This film came out weeks earlier in the UK and Europe. And the reviews were mixed which was sinking my high hopes. I didn't like the fact that there were three villains (More on that later). But it seemed like they were choosing the right actors for parts and surrounding the film in talent. After much heart and headache reading people thoughts and reviews for me, I'm okay with saying I liked much of this second Spider-Man film.

Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man and it seems he's embraced the part much more this time than in the first film. His Spider-Man is having fun being the savior of the city. He's making the quips, the jokes and the all around energy of his Spider-Man feels directly out of the comic book. I am finally sold on his Peter Parker. Director Marc Webb finally lets the smart but dorky Parker shine in a few scenes that are hilarious and engaging.

I'm still not an Emma Stone fan but she is a good counter to Garfield's Parker. They have excellent chemistry. You can tell that these may be Webb's favorite scenes to shoot. When they are on screen this huge summer tent pole film because a small drama about two people with a unique love story.

The villains, there are three of them but not really. Let me explain. Rhino played basically as a cameo by Paul Giamatti is really only on screen to show Spider-Man in action at the beginning and end of the film. His main adversaries are Jamie Foxx's Electro who starts off as a man who is saved by Spider-Man. He then becomes a obsessed fan only to in perfect comic book fashion have a horrible accident that grants him superpowers. Foxx is okay, I wouldn't say he is awful. He has some good moments and contrary to what has been written I think he only has one cringe worthy line.

Dane DeHaan is one of if not my favorite actor working this moment. His method style works so well in many of the films he's in and here it's perfect. His Harry Osborn is less cartoon-y than James Franco's from previous films. He's creepy, spoiled, arrogant but dealt with a lot of adversity. His chemistry with Garfield feels genuine. It doesn't feel forced like it could have been. They are long time friends who have been distant but because of new circumstances are forced back together.

The action is fun, fast and so Spider-Man if that means anything. The way they use his spider sense was very cool. I want to see more of that. The small nods to the comic book are fantastic. There are nods here and there to the upcoming sinister six film which doesn't cloud the film. It's just there in the story that this is apart of a large story in the future. I was trying to count the nods to the comic books. The only issues I had with the film was Peter's search for what happen to his father was kind of just there to fill time. Also the great Sally Field as Aunt May got only a few scenes. She was great on screen but mostly wasted.

Because this film is dividing fans I think I've pinpointed the problem. I'm a fan of the comic books and this film feel like a few issues of the comic books aka a mini-series. There are multiple stories, with multiple villains and a lot going on. I'm okay with the finally product and eager to see the film again. For Garfield's performance, the chemistry with Stone and the action scenes this film is a fun ride for any fan of the neighborhood web shooter.

Reviewed by Oscar Nicholson 8 / 10

Slightly disappointing but Saved By Electro - MAY BE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in my opinion Electro is one of the coolest spider-man villains, his designed looked epic and so were his powers and Jamie Foxx was very good playing him. Also his soundtrack was very good and added to the whole powerful feel of electro. The acting in this film was very good and believable and so was the romance between Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). The storyline was very interesting and there was the right number of villains in the film, however i do believe that the goblin was shoved in at the end just to kill Gwen, and the Rhino just to set up other films. So therefore i think Harry Osborn should have had more screen time as the goblin. Furthermore, it would have been better if the whole thing with spider-man quitting after Gwen's death should have continued until the end of the film and the next film should have started with spider-man returning and fighting the rhino. More reasons why i was disappointed are that Norman Osborn got about 4 minutes screen time and a lot of the movie was wasted on a stupid, boring sub story about Peter trying to find out about his dad which lead to one moment that was relevant to the plot ; the bit about the spider venom. However as i have previously mentioned, these disappointing and frustrating things were partly made up for by electro. I enjoyed every elector scene and they were all exhilarating. So overall a very good film with a few flaws here and it set up future films very well, which I'm am very much looking forward to.

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