The Amityville Haunting


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgtking 3 / 10

Has to be 0 for shoddy camera work for starters

It's amazing how fast a successful trend is copied in Hollywood. Filmmakers and studios just jump on the bandwagon to make some bucks. The "found footage" concept is one that has been the subject of many recent Horror films. It began most effectively with the controversial 1980 film 'Cannibal Holocaust.' In 1999, audiences around the world were terrified by 'The Blair Witch Project,' which too used this gimmick. Since then there have been many more examples of this, ranging from quite good to forgettable junk. It appears the next chapter in this trend is making sequels to once successful franchises using this gimmick. I have to say, it's not exactly getting off to a great start.

Pros: Actors do the best they can. At 79 minutes, the film never drags. Fans of the series may dig the homages to the original, including the flies. Making a kid the protagonist is something rare in Horror.

Cons: Perfunctory script. Brings nothing new to the table. Opening sequence has little to do with rest of the film. Lame attempts at scares. Crap visual effects. Tries to tie a real life murder case, specifically The Benson Murders, to the Amityville house. Supposed to be set in the original house, but they didn't even try to find a look-alike.

Final thoughts: Just another useless sequel, which is no surprise. The fact that it's made by The Asylum should give some indication about it's quality. It's not as bad as the painful 'Paranormal Entity,' but still deserves to collect dust on the shelf. Sure we didn't need the other sequels either, but a lot more imagination was put into those.

My rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by mgreeny-uk 1 / 10

I know it's a low budget film but....

The actual film was a parody of paranormal activity and the Amityville Horror, although it is the 'same' house it is now in the suburbs rather than countryside... but we need not mention the finer details. I loved both the original and Ryan Reynolds version of Amityville Horror so I thought that I would give it a chance regardless. It's not the same story or even a good sequel. It's shot like Paranormal Activity and seems to be an improv situation as no one really seems to know what to say. They try to add narrative with a child and a video camera who feels it necessary to annoy everyone in the film with the camcorder and me with his recap of each bad 'horror' segment. Where as in PA (which I did like) the characters seem scared... Not this kid, as he says things are 'really creepy'- Yes Tyler (or whatever generic name you have) it is actually if I was you I'd be like maybe we shouldn't be here rather than worry about your future career in documentaries.Although, he may get a job in one as he can't act.

This films acting I have got to say is pretty bad... really bad. I will watch films that give chance to new/young actors but I genuinely think they found these people on the street. I don't mean to offend but the emotions come across as if they were taken out of a labelled jar. The actors don't morph as a cast and the Dad's tone from the start makes me think that they casted him because he has the attitude of a serial killer with a slow mono-tone voice, and thats pretty much it.

I wanted to like this film due to my likings of any horror with a half decent storyline and OK effects. But even as low budget I cannot see any need for this film... No one is going to get a career from this.

Reviewed by amesmonde 3 / 10

Amateur-ville Haunting Cameras

Actual found footage that documents the horrifying experience of a family that moved into the infamous Amityville haunted house.

Opening with words in "1974" blah, blah "Defoe murdered his family", blah,"Lutz" blah, "32 years later", blah blah "what you're about to see is real". Then an aeroplane blonde graces the screen under torch light. After quick bloody death, your taken to the POV of a budding mini Steven Spielberg as he films his family.

It's indicative of Paranormal Activity and the recent Grave Encounters found footage films. With security camera's installed it's all be done and at one point it becomes a found footage within a found footage film.

Both female leads are effective enough, it's not an awful film, the acting is at times naturalistic but the issue is that this style of horror has already been done and done better with more imagination. Every line is a cliché , opening doors, accidental deaths, the wife that doesn't want to live in the house, no one believes the children, spook- less dark images, moving objects and so on.

At the midway mark as the 'boyfriend' vanishes and the police turn up you can help roll your eyes as the acting and script take a turn for the worse. The son becomes annoying due to the unnecessary explanatory dialogue and the father goes laughable loopy as he goes head to head with the entity. There are a few moments in the closing scenes where director Geoff Meed slightly redeems the film but it's too little too late.

The problem with The Amityville Haunting is that it perpetrates to be real and pushes the fact right to the end but nothing feels credible. The sound design is pretty effective if somewhat miss-placed missing the mark at times.

Overall, less effective than the Paranormal Activity series, clearly not much has improved since The Blair Witch Project.

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