The Anomaly


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Ian Somerhalder as Harkin Langham
Luke Hemsworth as Agent Elkin
Alexis Knapp as Dana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ninjabert 8 / 10

Quite liked this one

Low budget but a twisty story that kept me interested. Quite a few sci fi tropes here - hooker with a heart, hero without memory etc but some others that felt if not original, then at least welcome and not out of place. Acting is not as bad as some reviews suggest. Effects are pretty good for the budget - not intrusive and quite subtle in moments. The first 20 minutes or so are quite jarring but persevere and you'll be rewarded. Soundtrack is odd - but you get used to it and it oddly fits the mood of the movie. Fight scenes could be better - you don't really feel the impact despite the slowmo so they come across as a bit fake. That said - they could be worse. Matrix did it better though. Grab a beer or 2 and watch with a friend who is willing to enjoy a neat little sci-fi movie without being too much of a cynic.

Reviewed by Voyou Nobodysbusiness 5 / 10

Entertaining action B-movie could have been very clever sci-fi

I like Noel Clarke. His name alone catches my attention to a film, so I watched this one. Without a clue, which is why I could fully appreciate the mystery of the introduction. Clues about the main character's condition come by very slowly, while the story focuses on an ongoing conspiracy, and on fight scenes that do diminish the overall quality and Mr Clarke's credibility as an action hero.

I admit that, at some stage, I am ready to give up. Finally, if clumsily, come some revelations that not only reinvigorate the plot, but bring in an entire new spectrum of possibilities. Only a few will be exploited. The Anomaly will stay way underneath its potential, barely emerging from the colourful Tits & Kicks category it decided to nest into.

As a director, Noel Clarke does have something. Not sure what. As an actor, he is better when directed by someone else. I find obvious that he should stop directing himself. At least not in a main role, like he did in

The Anomaly should have been more character driven and more psychological, with the costly fluff as a bonus instead of being the meat.

Reviewed by harry_shah 5 / 10

Sat down, 20 minutes later stood up, and left

With two hours to kill until meeting a friend, I decided to catch this film. Granted I didn't read any reviews nor did I know what the movie was about. But hey it was starting in 5 minutes and Ian Somerhalder was on the advert so I assumed he was the lead....I was wrong....

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

10 minutes into the film I realised it wasn't a comical parody of a sci-fi movie. Nope...this was actually a serious film. Assuming this was a low budget film, I can completely accept the low- budget special effects. I really can. Harder to forgive however is the acting, nonsensical plot (assuming there was one) total lack of direction and the use of every stereotype in the book (kind but troubled prostitute, Russian gangsters, cute kid with messy hair, etc). And this was only the first 20 minutes!

But the acting...oh the acting. The half of the audience that hadn't left were trying to contain their laughter. The hero of the film genuinely looked confused and I assumed it was because likely he had no idea what was going on during the shoot. Until I got home, looked up the credits and realised he directed the thing!

Rarely is a film so bad that I have to walk out. In fact I think it has only happened twice in my almost 40 years. However, 20 minutes into it I vividly recall telling myself - life is just too short, before leaving. Sadly this was just as Ian Somerhalder made a proper appearance but by then I had given up. I can only hope he managed to salvage something of the film - but my hunch tells me otherwise.

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