The Appearing


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 13%
IMDb Rating 3 10 1231


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Dean Cain as Dr. Shaw
Quinton Aaron as Kenneth
Niki Koss as Dawn
Don Swayze as Sheriff Hendricks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Don't expect anything extraordinary to appear here...

While there are far better and worse possession movies out there, then "The Appearing" really didn't bring anything new to the genre, nor did it manage to differentiate itself from many other movies in the genre.

The storyline was easy to follow, perhaps a bit too simple at times, but it was weighed down by the fact that the movie never really got up into gear and left its mediocre pace in its wake.

The acting in the movie was wooden at best, and there weren't really any particular performances that stood out in any way. There was an shadow cast over the entire movie, from what appeared to be a fact that people weren't really putting their souls and wholeheartedly efforts into this movie.

The effects were actually adequate, as were the storyline of the movie. Well, don't go and expect multi-million dollar effects here though, but the effects were used to good extend and did their jobs well enough.

If it was deliberate that there were absolutely no chemistry between Rachel (played by Emily Brooks) and Michael (played by Will Wallace), then director Daric Gates did a good job, because there were absolutely no on-screen chemistry between these two at all. It does put a notion into the mind though; was it because the characters were growing apart and becoming estranged because of the death of their daughter, or if it was because of the lack of talent of the actors, well...

For a horror / thriller movie, then "The Appearing" was frightfully devoid of anything even remotely scary or shocking.

Reviewed by tarakumari 2 / 10

It appears i went to sleep while watching it

Omg do not waste your time watching this, I fell asleep by the end of the film, thinking this is never going to end. Movie is slow, Boring, no thrill, hardly any real suspense, and confuses a viewer more than anything else. The acting wasn't good, worse possession movie ever. The cinematography is nothing special to talk about. Its a lousy job from, Direction to Screenplay to even Background music. Being a horror fan i don't miss out on any horror movies. Don't be fooled by the IMDb rating. This movie IMO deserves not more than 2/10/. Sorry but i am a harsh judge of horror movies, because I Love horror. How did this movie ever get a 5.1 rating here, is beyond my comprehension. This is one movie horror fans can definitely do without.

Reviewed by lmt_is_me 1 / 10

Over the top acting (and not in a good way)

This movie was your typical horror movie but worse. Let's start off with the actors who were chosen for this movie. Are we to accept these people are actually high school students?

Next, let's talk about the music. Music is important to a movie. At times, the music made the dialogue hard to hear.

The scene at the hospital was just strange. If someone is out of it like that, they don't haul them off to the police. I know I am over- analyzing things but sheesh don't directors want people to buy into a movie? Why was the hospital so yellowish-green?

The wife in the movie goes from having normal looking eyes to eyes that have dark circles and back again. Why would that be? As one progresses into possession, I thought you would deteriorate. Guess I have seen to many possessed people.

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