The Autopsy of Jane Doe


Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 28721


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Emile Hirsch as Austin
Brian Cox as Tommy
Michael McElhatton as Sheriff Burke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by umme4uke 9 / 10

If you like horror, see this

I'm a big horror fan and this is the best little horror yarn I've seen in ages.

Well acted, with some recognisable faces. Brian Cox is great as the small town coroner that leads the autopsy on the titular body, in one scene he even managed to give me a sad lump in the throat which was an unexpected feeling during an unnerving horror flick. Emile Hirsch plays his son and assistant and though he's good doesn't have as much impact as Cox. Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) makes an appearance as the town sheriff.

Where this film really succeeds is in doing something a lot of modern horror has forgotten about - it toys with the viewers imagination, creating an uneasy feeling out of the narrative, half light, sound and shadow. This is not to say you don't get to see anything grotesque or unsettling, as certain scenes are not for the squeamish.

I don't want to spoil the story but will say this, the resolution is not quite as good as the build up. It's very hard for a horror film, especially one that plays on fear and the imagination, to deliver a conclusion that is suitably unsettling - this one half succeeds. But the ride is more than worth it and the ending is far from a failure.

If you like horror, watch this.

Reviewed by cattis26 9 / 10

Family Business

Saw this at the Night Visions festival in Helsinki, November 2016. What I expected was a lighthearted, "father and son as morticians" kind of movie. What I got was a movie that chilled even my horror movie veteran soul to the bone.

To explain too much about this movie would spoil it, so I will not go into details. But the director succeeds wonderfully in first creating a comfortable atmosphere, introducing a small cast of characters and setting the scene, and then masterfully starts upping the discomfort levels of the situation, until you are sitting at the edge of your seat, biting your nails. Like in Øvredal's former movie, Troll Hunter, what you cannot see can be a million times more disconcerting than what is in plain sight. Although here he uses both..

Great characters, great atmosphere, an overall great experience. Even if at times I wished for it to end already, just because I couldn't quite bear all the anxiety. I hope this comes to Finland proper, so others can see it too! Quite possibly the best horror film I have seen this year.

Reviewed by mark-179-360743 8 / 10

Unexpected Gem

I've not seen an original horror this well done for a long time. The cast is strong, dialogue and acting good, the story is interesting, well paced and well directed.

If you didn't know better, you may think after the first third of the film that you were watching a forensic crime, and would be quite happy to continue watching in that vein. Instead, an unsettling, atmospheric, claustrophobic tale of magic, sacrifice and revenge unfolds, which I was more than happy with. The direction is outstanding, your imagination does a lot of the work and the budget is saved for some very well done major scenes (and of course, quality actors - unfortunately rare in horror these days).

Whereas it would have been wonderful to tie up the loose ends, see a bit about the Witch Trials history, give Hirsch and Cox a bit more to go on earlier in the film etc. With that said, it may have removed something from the very polished whole, and in all likelihood will yield a - well deserved - sequel. Jane Doe sure as Hell hasn't finished yet!

It's got that "Sinister" vibe about it, and is certainly one of the best horror releases of the year. I challenge anyone to watch this and not feel impressed, satisfied and maybe just a little bit scared.

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