The Axe Murders of Villisca



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seochikyo 3 / 10

Casting? What?

A good horror movie to me is believable.

The synopsis says: "Three outcast teenagers break into the house in search of answers, but discover something far beyond their worst fears."

Why the f**k would you cast a 31 year old to play a high school senior?

If he was really your first pick for the role, why wouldn't you rewrite the script to make it about a group of friends older than teenagers? Or, if you wanted to keep the plot focused on high schoolers, why didn't you cast someone younger than someone in their 30s??

The movie is whatever, watch it if you're having a boring Saturday night. I would've liked it better had I not felt low key insulted as an audience member that we're told to just believe that these grown ass people are high schoolers.

Reviewed by bearfaceproductions 7 / 10

A fresh new horror story

At first sight of the trailer, one might think that this is another clichè horror film. That's what I had thought, until I actually saw it. The clichè of exploring a haunted house and finding something that surprises the characters, but this is actually justified with the great story development.

When the characters: Caleb, Dennis and Jess, are introduced we quickly relate to them and are drawn in with their appealing and realistic personalities. Each of their story is developed nicely throughout the entire film, which is something I don't frequently see and am glad this film did.

The actors portraying these characters do a solid job. Every piece of acting feels real and convincing. And aside from them every other secondary character, is played greatly as well.

The script itself goes at a great pace for the first two-thirds of the film. We are immersed into a compelling dark atmosphere of suspense. Slowly the story takes a turn for the intriguing as it starts to develop nicely.

My only problem with the film was the final thirds of the film. The movie builds a great deal of suspense, but when the final act comes it is short lived and falls flat. It could have been better if it was stretched out a little more and got to see a more intense climax.

As for the scares, it has its moments. One jump-scare was very predictable, but when we get to see the movie starting to take momentum, some moments are jaw dropping, leaving the viewers shaking and kinda nervous.

The movie is never boring and it keeps you glued to the screen. Much of this is joined by great cinematographic shots, which I gotta give it to Tony Valenzuela, he has an amazing artistic point of view.

Although I was slightly disappointed with the films climax, I strongly suggest giving this movie a watch. It has a breath taking story, very atmospheric and appealing. Plus the characters strong background story is very interesting.

Reviewed by jcain1635 2 / 10

Just awful.

This movie wasn't worth the hour and small change I have given it already, so I'll make this brief.

The editing is passable. Barely. The saturation is trash. Orange and blues. You know the drill. I imagine if there were any scenes in Mexico they would add a grain and throw some chickens on the floor. Not very creative.

The acting is sub-par. Sean Whalen shines, as expected, giving the movie the campy cheese it so desperately needed. Unfortunately, he is only on screen for roughly three minutes total.

The sound is bad. The subtle ques that make a horror movie are cranked up to eleven to the point of being obnoxious. Too-loud heart beats, footsteps, all the sounds sound like they come from a cartoon. There are some clear ADR moments too where the mouths don't quite match up.

The cinematography is barbaric. I've seen better camera work and blocking in student films.

The plot is incoherent, to the point of being funny. Personal character revelations and progressions feel so forced and bizarre that my amusement at how unlike real people the characters act is all that got me through the movie.

Also, when a character goes evil, their eyes go grey in the cheesiest effect I have seen for a movie of this budget in a long time.

Just skip it.

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