The Axe Murders of Villisca


Action / Horror

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Jon Gries as Greg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nmfsd 3 / 10

um the age is way off

Most all of these "kids" who are supposed to be in high school are older than college grads, or close to their thirties. The audience isn't blind when they're watching! Other than that, it was fairly entertaining. Some of it was good, some bad. Overall, except for the casting, it was enjoyable if you have nothing else to do.

Reviewed by CinemaSlant 4 / 10

Good idea with too many plots


I'm what I like to call your average movie goer. I don't have high expectations but I like my films to follow a realistic path with plausible situations and outcomes.

First off, I applaud that this is based off a true murder that took place in the early 20th century. But that's about where it ends. From some pretty horrible acting to weird casting choices (a pretty old guy playing a high school kid), to a girl whose lips are so pumped full of collagen its distracting...this film started off bad right away.

I did find it refreshing that the main character was gay, or bi. That became a flaw in the script later when the main girl character kept coming onto him and then there was a kiss for whatever reason. I just didn't understand that. And some hidden love between the two guy characters that didn't play out well. It felt like the script was originally written for heterosexual characters but somewhere someone said..."hey, lets make him gay" but didn't correct the remaining script. I also didn't like the stereotypical situation of the new girl in town being slut shamed for having sex on a video that is circulating the halls months later. (How many times have we seen this?) And then this film opens in June but then the school year starts and then all of a sudden is October to coincide with some Halloween decorations in the school hallway?

Moving onto the plot. There was just WAY too much going on with characters and their backstories that it detracted from the ghost story of what really took place during the so-called ax murders from 1912. It seemed the kids would get possessed randomly by I guess a mirror reflection..but they would all be coming in and out of possession. Pair this with the characters own tragic stories.....I really have no idea what was going on. What we are left with are characters running around trying to kill each other but dealing with their own demons. You didn't even have the gore satisfaction of a horror movie as all the bludgeoning took place off screen.

The good things in this film was a cameo by Conchatta Ferrell (you'll know who she is when you see her) and it was filmed well. By that I mean the production value was high enough it didn't look like a terrible independent student film.

I say pass on this unless you really have nothing else to watch. I give it 4 **** only because they took a risk by having the lead be a gay man...even if it didn't make much sense later in the script.

Reviewed by navarre_2 3 / 10

A Response from An Interested Party

Full disclosure: I'm not just any old audience member for this picture. I've also worked on a Villisca-related project, co-writing, directing and appearing in one entitled "Haunting Villisca." Ours was far rougher than this one, from a production standpoint (I suspect we had a small fraction of this one's budget) and, sadly, we did no better with reviewers.

My own reaction to this one is. . .frustration and bewilderment. I don't care for the picture but I wouldn't, regardless of whether or not I myself had made one. It's lodged very uncomfortably in a very small space: true crime meets paranormal activity meets teen slasher flick. Finding the intersection of those circles is going to be dicey work indeed and, having attempted something like it, we may have to admit that it cannot be done at all.

The picture isn't all bad - some elements are exceedingly well-done - but the more important point, to me, is that the case has not attracted and given rise to the sort of high-achieving work we who are familiar with it believe could be produced.

What's the problem? I wish I knew. I've often described the case as an itch between the shoulder blades, the itch that takes up residence in that one insanely inaccessible spot. You feel you'll go mad if you can't somehow deal with it. So you write a book, you write a song, you make a movie. They're all undertaken with the best of intentions, and they all fall short (Roy Marshall's book, "Villisca," comes the closest to fullness, combining a law officer's obsession over evidence with a folksy charm that lifts the endeavor onto a higher plane, one approaching "art.")

No, I don't like this movie very much. Then again, I don't like ANY of them - my own included - very much. The dragon of history sleeps soundly still; he's not been prodded sufficiently into yielding up his treasure. Someday, perhaps.

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