The Bag Man


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Robert De Niro as Dragna
John Cusack as Jack
Dominic Purcell as Larson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by farberw-1 1 / 10

Adjectives have not yet been invented to describe what I saw

Having just seen this film, I am in a state of disbelief, bordering on numbness. That John Cusak, memorable in " The Grifters, " & Robert De Niro, would sign on to this train wreck is beyond comprehension. De Niro's hair stylist is only surpassed by Stevie Wonder's & his costume designer is from the Liberace School of Tackiness. As far as the plot, theme, story-line, is an embarrassment to the film industry, at large. To borrow a phrase from Judge Welsh, when questioning Senator Joseph McCarthy, to all who participated in this disaster: " Have you no shame?" I take no satisfaction in saying what I just did, but I could not, in good conscience, let this slip by & traumatize those out there who would expect to see a quality film & end up wondering what they just wasted their time watching. It is B A D!

Reviewed by David Tuck 2 / 10

It's like watching De Niro and Cusack in 'Day of our Lives'

Where have all the good reviews come from ? I actually felt a little heart broken watching this film. De Nero's acting and film choices used to mean something, I used to get excited waiting from them to arrive..then blown away by film and his performance...remember that ? This is not that. How rich does he need to be ? This is like Steve Spielberg spending the remainder of his career using his iPhone to film his own sh*ts . I'm not saying I wouldn't watch but I would be almost as disappointed.

This feels like a thriller from the eighties..pre-Tarantino, pre-Jason Bourne , a time when you could suggest that something crazy and exciting was going to happen but it never really does. Rebecca de Costa, plucked from B-Movie obscurity , has the sort of charm and performance ability of a ,Roger Moore era, Bond girl . She's tall, pretty and busty [ we see her in her bra ,for various reasons ,several times. Obviously the director thought we might not notice otherwise.] but acting wise she can't really do it..especially against Cusack who you can see desperately searching her eyes for anything to play off of...

David Grovic , possibly the worst actor ever to appear in a movie with De Niro, has somehow managed to raise enough money to make a film with our two heroes but decided to entrust the writing and directing to himself ...which is his first ever go at writing anything, so that's bound to be really, really, good right ? Mr. Grovic's, terrible, terrible mumbling performance as the lawyer at the end, almost lands the coup do grace... but this is left instead to his directorial decision , to finish the film with a odd ,not thought through, shot of the back of John Cusack's head, just before he drives off in the mid-afternoon Mid-town traffic...

What's in the bag, Man ? It's Brad Pitt's girlfriends head from the film 'Seven' .

PS: Incidentally if you check any of the authors of the good reviews, you will see that they have only ever reviewed one film , this one....I think someone is trying to influence the IMDb star rating. Although I believe even they are trying to give out subliminal messages..look for the rave review by Eric Poop.

Reviewed by JT Lancer 5 / 10

Cusack Wasted Again

I remember someone once describing 'Grosse Point Blank' (surely John Cusack's best role) as his character from 'Say Anything' all grown up. Well, probably the most generous and/or entertaining way to see this film is as a continuation of THAT film, with love gone wrong and Martin Blank back to his old ways 17 years later.

It's too bad it's nowhere near as good a film: Robert de Niro once again takes the money, spends as little time on screen as possible and runs out the back way with a bag marked 'swag'. That man, once the greatest screen actor in the world, has, I'm sad to say, not put in even a half-decent performance in a film in over 15 years. I'd say probably 'Jackie Brown' was the last one he looked like he'd even picked up the script of before turning up on the set that day.

Cusack, too, continues HIS 15-year run of sleepwalking through something completely unremarkable, adding nothing more to the proceedings than just the bare minimum needed to scrape by. He's too old to be playing the cool, young-but-jaded loner anymore, but no-one seems to be ready to offer him anything better, which is such a waste of all that talent: he just looks bored.

It's time some young writer/director came along and brought him a part like Bill Murray in Lost In Translation, Kevin Spacey in American Beauty or even Michael Douglas in The Wonder Boys - an interesting-to-watch grown-up, a cool older guy with life-experience, wisdom and depth and some great lines to say.

I know I've not gone into any detail about this not-especially-bad movie at hand - but honestly, the best way to describe it is it's like every other John Cusack film made since about the year 2001. If you've seen Identity or 1408 or The Ice Harvest or whatever then really you've basically seen this already.

God, I'm such a bitch. I liked the bit with the dwarf, anyway.

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