The Beach Girls


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Catherine Mary Stewart as The Surfer Girl
Corinne Bohrer as Champagne Girl
Mary Jo Catlett as Mrs. Brinker
James Daughton as Scott Daniels
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boggman 8 / 10

i loved this movie!

I love the "Beach Girls"! This movie kicks some serious butt!! This movie is a great example of 80's fun; back when people, life, and movies were much more carefree. There was no "Just Say NO" campaigns and no AIDS - just a lot of people who wanted to have the most fun they could possibly have!! Uptight Sarah (a beautiful Debra Blee) is staying at her rich Uncle Carl's luxurious beach pad on Paradise Beach for the summer. Lucky for her, she's invited her two wild, hot, out of control partying girlfriends Ginger (Val Kline) and Ducky (Jeana Tomasina) to join her. While Ginger and Ducky are making the drive out to Uncle Carls place, they pick up hitchhiker Scott (James Daughton) and bring him along for the ride.

As soon as the girls arrive they waste no time in getting the party started. First item of business: BOYS! So they pick up the phone book, order them selves a pizza boy, a repairman, and anyone else they can get to show up.

Its not long before the party is raging- the clothes start coming off right away and everyone is drinkin, dancing, and getting high. This is all very exciting for the local gardner (a fantastically funny Bert Rosario), who watches in awe and excitement at the going on's around him.

Its not long before Uncle Carl gets word of the party, so he hightails it down to put a stop to it. Not wanting to be a jerk, he tells Sarah that her friends can continue with their party through the evening, but they all have to leave in the morning...including Ginger and Ducky. Of course, the two bombshells overhear this, and set out to seduce Uncle Carl with sex, drugs, and booze in an effort to win him over.

There's also a small subplot with the Coast Guard trying to infiltrate to some weed smugglers by boat- who end up dumping several trashbags full of pot overboard- where they eventually are discovered by none other than Ginger and Ducky the next day.

So whats to do?? Throw the wildest party ever! And they sure do!

During party night #2, Sarah (whos been falling for Scott) decides she is tired of everyone telling her to "lighten up" and decides she is gonna follow in the footsteps of her two girlfriends.

This movie is filled with plenty of T&A, clichés, and drug references. Its pure mindless fun, but fun nonetheless!! A very enjoyable, simple and silly movie!!

As for the "Pom Pom Girls"....never seen it but the DVD is worth it for the "Beach Girls" alone!!


Reviewed by saint-21 8 / 10

Mindless 80's fun.

AWWW... The beach girls, an ol cable favorite. First saw this back in summer of 83 on many cable channels running it. It has the makings of an early 80's sex/comedy for sure. Good looking girls, parties and good atmosphere. Story isn't much, centers around three girls around college age who just wanna party and get naked every chance they can.. Out of the three, we have Sarah, the smart one with the rich uncle who lets her stay at his beach house. Now, uncle has no idea shes bringing her friends and throwing orgies, parties etc. But once he finds out hes in on getting her two friends for a pot smoking frenzy to keep him cool with them staying at the beach house and carrying on the party. There's also this dude that shows up named scott, hes picked up hitchhiking by the two wild friends, now scott seems very out of place in this picture. First off, he appears to be in his thirties and a drifter to boot. He seems so 1970's like hes way out of his element with these girls. But once scott meets sarah, he likes her and wants to protect her from any bad influences which includes trying to start a fight with some kid who trys to dance with sarah. Very strange considering hes only met her a few hours ago.. But overall, the beach girls does have that early 80's beach/sex/comedy feel to it... It really at times feels like a vacation itself . A departure from the movies we have today. This is a film at a time where things seem more innocent than it is these days. Beach girls i think was shot sometime in 1981. And shown in a few theaters and drive -ins in 1982. And all over cable in the summer of 83.. if your looking for some interesting and good fun and some good nudity, beach girls is for you. Trivia, for those interested this low budget movie has a first role cameo from an 80's more less mid 80's actress Cathrine mary stewart. Shes on screen no longer than 2 seconds , don't blink. But shes at the end .. By the way the grindhouse DVD version thats out now along with a movie called coach is the one to get . The DVD transfer is really clean... and widescreen.

Reviewed by DKehr 5 / 10

Fluffy, light hearted teenage T & A flick

The acting in this beach romp feast is not to be compared with the likes of Citizen Kane, more likely to that of Hard Bodies 1&2. This movie would by most standards be regarded as a "B" movie, but even at that it is a easy viewing movie, there's no political messages, no stands for anything, just some parody, slap-stick and a little skin. If you feel this movie may not be mentally stimulating enough, sit back,relax and mellow out for a little laughs and silliness.

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