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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nickryall 9 / 10

lovely movie

I don't get the bad reviews here, were they watching the same film? or maybe they have lost touch with their inner child. I loved this film and I'm not a kid I'm a 55 year old bloke. The film follows the book faithfully and keeps hold of Roald Dahl's odd humour well. The girl playing Sophie is an excellent Northern British actress who plays the part very well and is well cast, the giant character is funny, magical and full of warmth and charm with the CG very well done. Sure its a kids film but as such it is a very good one, if you want more adult material then don't watch kids films but if you like magical fantasy with humour and great visuals I recommend the BFG wholeheartedly.

Reviewed by Steve Mcmillan 8 / 10

Lovely family movie

I loved this adaptation, it is charming, funny and engaging. I've read some pretty scathing reviews, saying it's Spielberg's worst film - or one of, and I couldn't disagree more. It's really a kid's story, dressed up as a family movie. It's also a simple tale, requiring a simple plot and that is what you get, along with some Spielberg magic. The (gas) scene in Buckingham Palace is one of the funniest I've ever seen - it was hysterical! If you want to get all serious and pick fault with the plot line, you shouldn't be watching this kind of movie. It's a fantasy movie, involving some.... well... fantasy! There were some stereotypical British elements, which to us might be a bit overdone, but Spielberg isn't British. Whoever is slating this movie's plot and the movie in general obviously doesn't remember: E.T, Back to the Future; Poltergeist etc, who's plot lines were crackpot in the extreme. BFG is what it is... a lighthearted and delightful fantasy, which kids and adults will adore together.

Reviewed by johnnyjan16 3 / 10

Bore of a film

I'll say this - if I had children, I think it would have been a good trip. However, this was one of the more boring films this year and unfortunately ended up being an expensive nap.

First of all, Ruby Barnhill. I think this will be her one film and that's it. A very annoying actress who just comes off as a brat. Her voice began to grate about 5 minutes in. A young Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) would have been perfect.

The film was long for a 2 hour film and it drrraaaaggggeedddd. The scenes with the Queen were very forgettable. The scenes between the BFG and Sophie became a bore as it went on.

The giant scenes were the more enjoyable just because they had a bit of humour.

But overall this is an instant DVD film. I'm not surprised this hasn't done well at the box office and I don't think Spielberg has he Midas touch anymore in cinema.

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