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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander Schikora 8 / 10

I liked it

I do understand that people are disappointed when watching a Kids movie and expecting an exciting and challenging plot. What is wrong with you guys? Just because it says Steven Spielberg doesn't mean this is a movie that is specifically designed for your needs. I am 30+ and I like this movie a lot, watching it from a kids perspective you even understand the breakfast scene and I bet all kids would laugh at it. It is kinda sad, seeing how incapable some people are recognizing a movie for kids as such. This is a proper 8! I like the accent, the CGI is fitting, the story is for kids, so if you are not a kid, stfu. I can fully recommend it to anybody with an open mind, who is not looking for the kids version of an Captain America Civil War CGI fest.

Reviewed by 221bucky 1 / 10

If you respect Spielberg as a filmmaker, please don't watch The BFG

I saw The BFG in theaters for my friend's birthday. Why she picked this movie, I will never understand. As I was leaving the house my brother yelled "You know they're calling that movie the worst film ever directed by Spielberg, right?"

Oh, how I should have listened. I was sitting in between two of my other friends (not the birthday girl). Thank goodness, because I think I might've ruined her birthday with my constant "What are they doing?" and "Are they serious with this dialogue right now?" At one point I actually fell asleep. When I fell asleep, they were frolicking around the magic dream tree. When I woke up, they were outside the window of the Queen of England. Yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. And miraculously enough, I was still completely caught up plot-wise, despite falling asleep. THAT is how stupid this movie was.

The small child, whose name we don't learn until the very end, was every stereotypical child-wonder ever. I'm pretty sure the filmmakers decided to take Matilda, take away her superpowers, and stick her into Giantville. The BFG himself is quite frightening, really. His habit of screwing up every word out of his mouth comes across as annoying rather than endearing. And why in the world did he take the child in the first place? It's so confusing. And his little dream-lab is frightening, to say the least.

The "message" of the film is actually pretty screwed up. When the BFG decides to put the child back in her orphanage for her own good (the smartest decision he'll make in the film, btw), she throws herself out the window, believing that the BFG will catch her. That works out great for her, but what about the small impressionable children watching the film? And at the very end, it is revealed that the BFG can actually hear the whispers of children everywhere. I left the theater disturbed rather than happy at that revelation.

The CGI is laughable. When I saw the trailer, I was convinced for a few moments that it was an animated film. My friend came into the theater convinced that it was an animated film. It actually might have been less weird as an animated film. Because in this disturbing mix of an actual child and a CGI giant world, it was creepy as hell.

If you respect Steven Spielberg as a filmmaker and a human being, do not watch the BFG. I had nightmares for a week.

Reviewed by Paul Windle 9 / 10

Why is this getting so much hate?

Firstly this is not your average Spielberg movie, it's more of a feel good family movie. The reason people hate this movie is because they are comparing it to a proper Spielberg movie. I think Spielberg was trying to do something different this time for kid viewers. My family loved this movie and if you hated this movie while you're reading this, just give it another try. Lot's of people think this is very immature because of it's fart jokes, I was counting how many fart jokes there were surprisingly there were only four in the entire movie. The director has had a few bad movies recently (Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Krystal Skull etc.) Basically what I'm trying to say is that this is a good movie and it is too much hate.

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